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"When A woman feels good about who she is and
what she has to offer,
She is



Become empowered

The Confident, Empowered Woman Part I, II, and III

join other like minded women Through Fun, Interactive, and Empowering 5-star Rated Programmes!

Together we can

We at Nu(pw)R believe that every woman should have the skills, tools, and support to overcome any challenge they may face.

Being an empowered woman is more than how you look or act. It is about accepting who you are, believing in yourself and feeling worthy.

Every woman already has everything she needs within her to be a confident, empowered woman.

Our fun and engaging workshops will leave you feeling confident and empowered. 

Tackle the imposter syndrome and shut down your inner critic.

Learn how to break down the barriers to your success and turn your strengths into superpowers!


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loved by women

"I had forgotten quite how amazing I am & what I'm capable of. Thank you!"

J. Dawson, Dental Nurse

"I like the simplicity of the tools that you have shared and that you have shared a process; not just the first step.

L. Gauntlett, Learning and Development consultant

"I’ve never thought about identifying my inner critic before or even separating it from myself. I’ve been listening more to my inner critic recently with a major project at work and I think the techniques learned today will help me to shut this down

A.Muhammad, Database manager


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