5 ways of having a more positive outlook in life – the MBG way.

The feeling of hopelessness is something we’ve all been through at least once or twice in our lives, the feeling that everything good is being sucked in a black hole making the void in our lives bigger and bigger.

So how do we find hope in hopeless situations?

At times it seems that drastic measures need to be taken; an emergency getaway, going on a shopping spree, a spa weekend, an event with friends or even a complete makeover. And while these ideas are all a positive approach to putting oneself first, sometimes they may be little farfetched, consuming a bit too much from us, such as time, energy and financially.

Here at Brown Girls HQ it has taken much deliberation and many attempts at picking ourselves up at times of feeling down to realise that sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest impact. And though they are overlooked once we turn our attention to the minor details are we able to realise the power we possess at making ourselves the person we want to be.

So below we would like to shine the spotlight on the 5 everyday approaches you can take, on having a more positive outlook in your lives.

Bullet Journal Idea ‘It’s the little blessings that, when added up show you just how colourful your life truly is’ BGR

It’s the little blessings that, when added up show you just how colourful your life truly is

Look, and I mean really look and count all the blessing that you are surrounded by. If tomorrow, you woke up and everything about you and your life was different what would you miss? Because what you would miss are the very blessings that bring colour in your life.

Take pleasure in the everyday blessings

Continuing on from the point above, once you aware of the blessings, take pleasure in them. See them from fresh eyes, from an outside perspective so that you can truly appreciate them, because your life is your own, no one else can live it for you, so try and live it the best you can.

Only you can help you

You need to understand that you are the designated driver in your life, so whenever you feel like the damsel in distress, remember you possess your own cape because you are also the superhero in your life. Only you are able to get yourself out of bed and ready to face the day.

Only you will be looking after yourself because only you are aware of your wants and needs. So if you’re feeling like wallowing in your grief, wallow, wallow deep and hard but remember only you can take yourself of it, if and when you want. Forget silver, line your clouds with gold!

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Forget silver, line your clouds in gold’ BGR

Don’t let others baggage weigh you down

Learn to take things at face value, try to overlook what baggage others may have, if those around you ask for help or just need to spend time in your company, take it as it is. If they are having a bad day and are not in good terms with you then also take it as it is. Do not try to take others problems as your own, help in whatever way you can but at the same time, don’t let their burdens stop you from floating.

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Don’t let others baggage weigh you down’ BGR

Smile, for it is a gift for you as well as others

Sometimes we underestimate the power little actions have. A smile can mean so much and confronted in the gloomiest times can end up being your strongest weapon. It is said that a smile can take years of your face, and I believe it does that because happiness is a face of innocence and innocence is the representation of young, fresh and carefree, and to be honest who doesn’t want to look young, fresh and carefree???

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Smile, for it is a gift for you as well as for others’ BGR

Final Thought

So try to take in the positive no matter how big, small or gloomy the situation, no matter how trivial the task, for your outlook is the biggest motivation you need to get better and do better.

And remember reflect. love. heal. always.

Brown Girl R.

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