5 Ways to ‘Zen out’ During the Exams Stress

To all those facing their final exams for this academic year, we wish you all the best and remember you need to be at your best to give your best. At with that in mind I’ve listed 5 ways to help you make sure you keep at your best and not panic when you are so close to the finish line.

Work hard, chill out harder

Work hard, chill out harder. Organising and scheduling your timetable around your exams, routine and what works best for you will help you maximise your day. Make sure you focus on what you have planned for the day, week and month ahead so that when it is time to study you focus and make the most of it and when it is time to take a break you focus away from studying.

Do not let the your study time and the breaks you need to take, intermingle, what I mean is don’t think about what you would like to eat or look at your phone or anything else that is not studying during your study period so that when it is your break, you will be able to enjoy your break and not feel guilty for not studying properly when you were supposed to.

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Plan ahead to get ahead

Exams, as well as many other things you may have to study but might never use later on in life is a reflection of the adulting life you will later on face , which is doing things you don’t want to do but have to do. Such as paying bills, looking after yourselves, cleaning up, doing your own laundry, being responsible for the consequences of your actions, etc.

One thing you should do, and you might not enjoy doing it but will reap the benefits of later on is meal prep. There are many of you living away from home and choose not to go back in order to focus on your studies, however that is no excuse for not eating well.

While spending a little time preparing a home cooked meal you could at the same time make a larger batch and refrigerate and freeze for later on. In order to be at your best to make the most of your studies, you need to look after your well being, and the best way is by eating well. Days are getting longer and warmer therefore the fresh produce that is arriving is tastier and with more of a range.

Once you have mastered this skill, however simple it may be, this is one of the best ways of saving time whilst making sure you are taking care of yourselves no matter how hectic your life ends up. Whether you are working part-time, full-time, looking after kids, having kids, recovering from illness, have an intense long event coming up, prepping your meals is literally one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. So plan ahead to get ahead.

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Zen out

Another way to be your best is by making sure your body is looked after as much as your mind. I have mentioned this already but yoga is a great body stretcher, mind relaxer, purpose focuser (you get my drift), etc.

It helps your posture which is strained by studying for long periods of time, it helps your mind zen out of hectic schedule and allows you to focus on your well being, reminding you again and again to ‘just breathe’.

So whether you are taking a long break or just need to a quick stretch make sure you do just that, you can check out Sarah Beth’s videos (the reason I am hooked on yoga) by clicking on the link below, the majority of her videos require little or no equipment at all. https://www.youtube.com/user/SarahBethShow

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Make sure the quality of time dedicated to your life outside studying is not compromised, even if the time needs to be

Studying can sometimes feel like its taking over your whole life, and you cant seem to see beyond it. But you have a life around it, and although sometimes studying does need to take priority, don’t let it take over every aspect of your life.

Try and keep some of your daily activities even during this exam period, if you pray, meditate, have family and friend days, try and keep your commitment to those even if it means shortening the time dedicated to them.

So if you usually spend a whole day with friends once a week but have a lot to study, maybe have a meal out with them, make sure the quality of time dedicated to your life outside studying is not compromised even if the time needs to be.

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Make sure the quality of time dedicated to your life outside studying is not compromised, even if the time needs to be’ BGR

Anything worth achieving will need to be paid for in blood, sweat and tears.

Focus on the end goal. What is the purpose of your studies? Not only is it a means to get where you want in life but your dedication and commitment is a lesson you can apply later in life time and time again. Anything worth achieving will need to be paid for in blood sweat and tears, anything less and you wont achieve what you set out for.

Taking good quality breaks between studies helps you not become overwhelmed but whilst studying make sure you are giving it your all. Nothing lasts forever and exams will be over before you even realise they had begun, so will the hard work you have dedicated to studying, so make sure you spend the time wisely and efficiently you owe yourself that.

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Anything worth achieving will be paid for in blood, sweat and tears’ BGR

Final Thoughts

To those preparing and giving exams, we wish you nothing but the utmost success and hope that these helpful tips can aid you in making the most of the time around your exams. Best of luck!

Reflect. Love. Heal

Brown Girl R.

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