Simple ways to start building your self esteem 10. Your only competition is you!

We are living in an age where it is so easy to get lost into the lives of others.

Reality TV shows and social media have given us access to a world that was otherwise a mystery to us and vice versa, we are able to share intimate details of our day to day lives around the world.

This has changed how lifestyle is viewed and our sense of self worth is now measured by how it is portrayed to others.

Comparisons to every aspect of our lives is now heightened to a new level and the green eyed monster is stirred in all of us.

As a result this ends up having devastating effects on an already vulnerable self esteem.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘To build your self esteem your goals should not be based on the expectations of others’ BGR

Our focus ends up on either trying to keep up with ‘the competition’ or having a defeatist attitude to life.

Both of which tend to hold us back and have a negative impact on our self esteem.

Before beginning to compare what you need to remind yourself is what / why exactly are you comparing?

For example if someone seems happy in or has a job you had always dreamed of, you cannot help but compare your job with theirs, but what is the comparison going to achieve?

What you need to remember is you are exactly where you need to be, and if you are not happy with that than you need to think of what you can do to, to do better.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘To build your self esteem focus on yourself’ BGR

Comparing and competing with others will make you unhappy with what you have and you will end up spending more time and energy being miserable in the position you are in rather than making the effort to progress.

We can know and see of others only by what they show and tell us.

The struggles, hardships, failures and out of control emotions of others are hidden behind the wall of their homes and only shared if and when they choose to.

Our primary and only focus should be us.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses, think about where you want your life to go and what are you aims and desires.

And then think about the ways in which you can achieve that, and proceed to take the steps (no matter how small) to get there.

Because every day you need to be able to look in the mirror and understand and see that you have moved one step closer to where you want to be.

You are one step better, stronger, wiser and braver than you were yesterday.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘To build your self esteem remember your only competition is you’ BGR

Every little achievement no matter how small is your own and your comparison is measured against the objectives you have set out for yourself.

And the closer you get to the goals you have set out for yourself, you are directly improving your self worth and as a result improving your self esteem.

You are truly amazing, you really are and improving any aspects of yourself will only make you better in comparison to who you already are and not by what others expect you to be because your only competition is you!

Respect. Love. Heal.

Brown Girl R.

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