Boost your Motivation and Productivity 1: Figure out when you work best.

Lockdown is easing and many of us might be stuck in a rut of some sort, feeling demotivated and not sure where to start to get back into daily life working at the best of our potential.

So we have decided to do a series of short blogs dedicated to getting you back at your best levels of productivity and motivation.

Some of us are early birds and other night owls and we have the in-betweeners too.

It is so important to work out a work schedule that caters to your productivity.

Not only that, a schedule that fits in with your daily life.

If you have children (and this is a challenging one) think about when you are most likely to get things done.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 1: Figure out when you work best. BGN

It could be early in the morning when the children are still asleep. But this depends on how old the children are and what kind of sleep routine they are in.

You might be too exhausted or might work best when you put them to bed and this really depends on how eventful your daily routine is and how much support you get. Sometimes when they are having a nap is when you can really get things done because you are on a time limit.

Try out different times and see what works for you.

If you are still at school or in college or have a job you need to work around the tasks that you have committed to and then then a list of deadlines and things to do in order of priority.

Your attention levels might be at their best after an energising workout and you might feel the least motivated and productive after a heavy meal.

You might work best alone and get things done more efficiently, or you might need to work in a group to stay focused on the task and to keep you on your toes.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 1: Figure out when you work best. BGN

You might want to keep your ‘work days’ separate to your rest days and would like to keep weekends totally free.

Having a more balanced week and not giving yourself too much to do at any particular part of the week might work better for you.

It is also important to leave the failures of yesterday and not carry them into the next day. Forgive yourself and start everyday with a renewed outlook and sense of purpose.

Your creativity might be at its peak at dawn/ late night/ morning etc the point being we all work differently.

You might like to get the mundane tasks out of the way first like errands, paying bills and answering emails earlier on the day so you can give your undivided attention to the more important ones.

It is important to identify which tasks make you more anxious, and which tasks when delayed can become overwhelming.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 1: Figure out when you work best. BGN

It is also important to pay attention to and adjust your morning and evening routines so that they give you a positive and motivational start, and a calming wind down in the evening that allows you to rest and start the next day strong.

Carefully consider your daily habits and see how they affect your productivity and energy levels.

Identify what works for you and hold on to it and really reflect on the things you do at the times you do them that really don’t work for you and let them go.

Quit the time wasting habits that hold you back.

It is difficult to get out of the slump many of us have been in, working from home in our pyjamas where all our days are mushed into one and we still have to check what day it is.

Remember small changes lead to big changes and we may not be in control of what is happening in the world around us, but we still have control of what we make of the situation we are in.

reflect. love. heal. always



Brown Girl N

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