Boost your Motivation and Productivity 4: The balance between work, rest and play.

While it is important to stay motivated and to use your time efficiently as possible, we all know that our productivity as well as our energy, and the desire we have fluctuates.

We cannot be continuously energetic nor will be being a constant couch potato benefit us in the long run.

Doing too much can have us burning out and not doing enough will have things piling up and being a cause for making us feel anxious.

We are the product of our choices, and we need to understand that doing things for ourselves might not always seem like the most desired or enjoyable preference, but it will be the most valuable.

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Being your best, working your hardest and making most of your time means using the hours in the day as constructively as possible.

But it does not mean that you have to exhaust yourself.

Its understanding that as much as getting things done is important you also need to allow yourself rest and a little ‘me-time’.

In order to do your best you must first be your best.

Bullet Journal Quote – -Boost your motivation & productivity in order to do your best be your best’ BGR

That means organising your day with the correct balance in mind.

A timetable which is unique to you allowing you to be able to work your hardest, have fun the most and rest as much as you need.

You need to make sure you allow yourself enough hours in the day to be able to do what needs get done, but you are also setting out enough time to sleep and rest and do things that you enjoy.

If there is too much you need to do or would like to do then maybe it is better to plan ahead for the week; for example if you have many tasks which need to be done, don’t try to do them all in one day, set aside few hours every day of the week prioritising the most important ones first to make sure they are all done and you haven’t worn yourself out.

Bullet Journal Quote – -Boost your motivation & productivity plan well to get things done’ BGR

If staying fit is a prerogative, and your exercise is fully immersive and strenuous, you also need to understand that rest days are just as important so plan your days for the week ahead.

What we need and what we want may not always be the same thing, but if we plan our days and weeks best suited to us, we could at least balance them to benefit us and motivate us to get them done.

So what are you waiting for, you do you boo, because you got this!

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Roohi xXx

Brown Girl R.

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