Boost your Motivation and Productivity 5: Face your fears.

We all have fears and they come in all shapes and sizes whether it be personal fears such as fear of heights, spiders, the dark or those related to our journey of success such as fear of public speaking, failure or changes.

The more they are left unaddressed the bigger they become.

Fears do not disappear regardless how well you plan your everyday life to avoid them.

They can delay your journey to success and even demotivate and impact your productivity.

It might be challenging and scary to face the things that scare you, but once you tackle them head on you will feel empowered to tackle anything and liberated from the things holding you back.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 5: Face your fears. BGN

We all fear failure to some extent, it can be crippling and hold us back from achieving our full potential.

It can question our decisions, our worth and hold us back from progressing, developing and living life to the full.

Fear, whatever it may be, however small can have a big impact on your motivation and productivity.

Whatever the fear may be, it is one of the biggest reasons people give up on their goals and dreams.

What we can overlook and not realise by solely focusing on our fears, is that on the other side of fear lies confidence and success.

Tackle you fears one by one and see your confidence build and grow.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 5: Face your fears. BGN

If you can overcome a small fear, what is stopping you from tackling a bigger one?

You can only cure your fears and be free of them by conquering them head on and in some cases even realise that they are an emotion that you can either feed or overcome.

At times we overthink and worry about the smaller fears so much that they become bigger and scarier than they are. They become an obstacle course for our success.

There are some fears that may have resulted from a trauma or bad experience that may need a little help to navigate through.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 5: Face your fears. BGN

Getting external professional help to tackle big traumas that feed your other fears may be something you might want to look into.

Whatever your fear may be do not let it hold you back.

Focusing on what could go right rather than what could go wrong is something that you may have to consciously do until it becomes the natural course of thinking, so that your fears don’t trickle in when you are doing well.

You are not your fears, you are all you need to be successful and nothing can hold you back including your fears if you face and address them.

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