Boost your Motivation and Productivity : Maintaining positive changes 2.

As lockdown is easing and we’re looking forward to going back to the outside world, some of us who have used this situation positively and productively may find it difficult to keep up with the development of the situation.

We have had the time to indulge in things we couldn’t do before.

We’ve learnt to cook, manage our routines, take up new (or existing) hobbies and keep fit using equipment and apps suitable for home.

And although we cannot wait to back to our life in the outside world, we may find it difficult to say good bye to the time we spent at home.

Those staying at home were able to stay connected through technology, even large groups of people from all over the world were able to connect at the same time.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘ Boost your Motivation & Positivity maintaining positive changes’ BGR

Those staying with others may have found it challenging at times but had the opportunity to bond like never before.

All meals needed to be prepared and eaten at home, and this could be done together, as could all the other household chores.

All forms of entertainment outside were closed down so we have had to find innovative ways to stay amused at home.

Places of worship and retreat were prohibited but that didn’t stop us from connecting to our spiritual self.

The past few months may have forced us to physically stay at home, but many of us chose to see positive aspect of this and managed to use this opportunity productively as possible.

So how do we step back into the world whilst maintaining all the positive changes we have made?

Bullet Journal Quote ‘ Boost your Motivation & Positivity dedicate time to progressive adjustments’ BGR

We all know that self-discovery and self-love is a journey, it is ongoing and evolving as we are growing.

And lockdown is easing gradually, with many changes being preliminary.

So as we are adapting to the changes yet again we need to accommodate to what suits us, prioritise what benefits us and take it one step at a time.

If cooking everyday has been a eye opener to all the enjoyable meals you can create at home, and going back to work will make it harder to do so, then think about meal prepping.

You do not need to cook everyday if you are unable to do so but many dishes can be either made in advance or bulked up and frozen to enjoy later.

Hobbies or activities you may have taken up might not get enjoyed everyday, but you can dedicate time slots in the week where you can carry them out.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘ Boost your Motivation & Positivity prioritise me-time

Any spiritual time you had dedicated to yourself is still very important to maintain, you will always need to be your number one priority so that everything else can fall in place.

So maybe the hour of meditation (praying, mantra or whatever helps to to stay self-connected) everyday may need to be shortened to half an hour or even 15 minutes but I would suggest keep at it everyday.

Spending whatever time you can on yourself everyday is better then allocating a long period once a week, you need to fill up on self-care first thing so that you can dedicate the rest of your day on whatever you need to do.

And lastly but most certainly not least (ly????) the time we have spent with loved ones will also change. Children will be going back to school many and other family members or housemates who work outside will be back to their employment.

We will not be seeing each other all hours of the day but we can make the most of the time we do.

Any activities taken up together should be maintained even if it is not everyday and at least one meal of the day should be eaten together.

Whatever situation we face it will always come with both pros and cons, and when it passes it is up to us to let go of the cons and hold to to the pros.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Roohi xXx

Brown Girl R

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