Dealing with Anxiety 11: Changes lead to changes.

We began our blog for the purpose of encouraging change.

The changes we need to bring within ourselves to better our well being.

To understand that no matter how far we may have come, there will always be room for improvement.

And any changes we want to see, will need to start from somewhere and maybe even need to start small, in order for the transformation to take place.

But now more than ever it’s imperative to understand that we need to be the change in order to see the change.

There is injustice all over the world and it is heartbreaking to see that no matter how far we have advanced, and how closely connected we have become, the differences some chose to define their hold of others is still stronger than ever.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with anxiety and isolation changes lead to changes’ BGR

We need to understand that the unfortunate and brutal murder of George Floyd was not an isolated incident.

We need to recognise that these hashtags and social media space given to commemorate black lives matter is not a trending moment but the beginning of a movement.

There is a lot of encouragement to educate ourselves on racism and how it affects the black community, but I think in this day and age we should take it a step further.

We need to look at the beautiful heritage and history of the black community even before slavery took place and we need to understand that they are not underprivileged nor a race in need of rescuing. No, they are a race whose privilege has been TAKEN away from them by MAN MADE ACTIONS and MAN MADE LAWS.

And this is why we need to make a stand, call for change, to highlight the injustice taking place and to voice out that it is not okay.

Right now our lives matter to ensure that we can be the voice and the we can make a way for our black brothers and sisters to rise up to their position in our world which is alongside us.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with anxiety and isolation we need to stand up for each other to ensure that black lives matter!’ BGR

Every change begins with a step, and every destination comes with a journey. Changes are constant and important but to ensure that the correct improvements take place we have to first face what it is we want to change.

We have to start from the bottom up and unlearn to relearn, we may have to break incorrect generational conditioning.

We may have to face the ugly truths within ourselves, our homes and even our communities, but problems can only be solved by acknowledgement and recognition being the first step.

Progress can only take place by addressing the issues rather than ignoring them.

We need to create a world where no one, absolutely NO ONE, is free from accountability. Every one should understand that their actions have consequences and that they will be questioned. They HAVE to be questioned.

Ignorance at this moment in time isn’t just foolish, it is dangerous.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘God does not like the loud (expression) of odious words except for the one who has been done injustice, God is All-hearing, All-knowing’ (Quran 4:148) BGR

Looking the other way and continuing in silence is being complicit to heinous actions that are withdrawing the rights of our brothers and sisters to live just because of the colour of their skin.

Right now more than ever, this pandemic has shown us that as humans we are all the same, this virus doesn’t look at age or gender and it certainly doesn’t look at race before choosing you as it’s victim. (I understand there are people of certain groups more likely to get affected but once again the person’s environment and health issue plays a factor, so statistically we need to look at much more, and at this moment in time all those factors and information have not fully been collected and analysed).

The whole world has turned upside and we all need to work together to come back up stronger, and that cannot be done without the acknowledgment, importance, rights and privileged given to our brothers and sisters that bleed same but wear a different yet beautiful coat of skin. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Roohi xXx

Brown Girl R

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