Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation 13: Stronger together.

As the lockdown is beginning to ease in many areas across the world and we are preparing to go back in the world, there is so much we can take from the past few months that have shaped us a certain way.

There are still measures that need to take place and things won’t be the way they were before, maybe not for a while.

But uncertainties are what we have been facing for the past few months and what we’ve seen is that however the world changes and whatever adversities the world might face, it can all be overcome when we face it together as one.

No, the antidote to the virus hasn’t been made yet, and there still measure that need to take place, but during this epidemic we have found a whole new level of respect and appreciation for our key workers working relentlessly and risking their lives every day to provide a service to others.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation we are stronger together’ BGR

The hysteria with bulk shopping at the beginning resulted in shops being left bare, despite the government’s reassurance that there is no shortage of supply. But this left many key workers especially those with long shift hours and those who are vulnerable not being able to get essentials they needed.

With the power of social media, raising awareness to this issue resulted in shops dedicating certain hours in the day and providing delivery slots for online shopping to those in need.

There are numerous companies giving discount to NHS workers to show their appreciation, and even more stories around the world of people are doing what they can to help those in need during these unprecedented times.

And these positive stories are ones that make our hearts smile and remind us that there is so much good in the world, and that is what we should focus on and take example from.

Taking a break from our everyday lives helped the world take a break from us, many cities in China became smog free, water in Venice became clearer, so many animals (some which were thought to be extinct) came out in hiding as well as so many other environmental benefits the world gained.

This reminded us that the world is our only home and we all must take part in looking after it.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation we are one’ BGR

There is no back up plan, nor is there anywhere else to turn to so we need to take steps to ensure that we stop destroying it.

This world is a beautiful gift that we have and we need to cherish and look after it.

The unfortunate death of George Floyd was shook us all, it hurt us, but more than that it made us all question our integrity, made us all ask ourselves ‘are we doing enough?’ and in the words of his daughter it ‘changed the world.’

George Floyd made us all recognise the part we play despite our background and race, to help make sure that #BLACKLIVESMATTER, that uncomfortable conversations are necessary to prevent unfortunate deaths.

So many previous cases of crime against black people arose again, demanding justice that was withheld because of the colour of their skin.

So many discussions of what colourism is all over the world took place for people to look inside their hearts and home before standing behind the George Floyd cause just for the sake of social media attention.

This highlighted not only the deeply rooted systemic racism that is ingrained everywhere but also the power, beauty and successes of black people today.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation we are the future so lets make it a bright one’ BGR

Encouraging to buy from black businesses opened our eyes to what these business have to offer us, watching movies and series about their struggles and reading about their past and present situation made us realise we have no excuse not to understand.

We are all one race, we bleed the same, we hurt the same, and we all not only understand but need the language of love, for love is stronger that hate, unity stronger than division.

Where there is good there is also bad, where there is love there is also hate, but what I wish and pray for is that we no longer turn a blind eye to what we have been forced to see, nor turn deaf ears on what we have heard.

The lessons we have been forced to learn cannot and should not by any means be unlearned or ignored. We take all that we have learned and use the power within us to move forward together as one, because only as one are we stronger.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Roohi xXx

Brown Girl R.

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