Dealing with anxiety and isolation 4: Confusion and uncertainty. The emotional rollercoaster.

I am sure, like many, your emotions are a bit all over the place.

You are trying to do the right thing, whatever that may be.

Trying to stay safe and keeping your loved ones safe during lockdown without feeling overwhelmed can be challenging especially when we are presented with confusing new rules rather than clarity.

It is hard during this time not to be confused and not to question your every move.

Uncertainty brings with it a variety of emotions that perhaps stability may not.

You might be feeling confused, scared, worried, sad, overwhelmed or even anxious as a combination of emotions you are not sure how to deal with.

I want you to know that there is no right or wrong way to feel or deal with the unprecedented changes that we are all facing together.

Bullet Journal Quote: Dealing with anxiety and isolation 3: Confusion and uncertainty. The emotional rollercoaster. BGN

You may be someone that has finally accepted that our day to day life has changed for the unforeseeable future and you may settled into a lockdown routine that works for you and your family.

But then things are changing again.

It seems nothing is clear, advice contradicts other advice and we are in an emotional whirlwind trying to keep up with what we can and can;t do whilst keeping our loved ones safe.

Breathe…take a few deep breaths and remind yourself it is going to be ok.

Use your emotions to get you through these weird times rather than fighting them or trying to be ok!

Being bored opens up our brains to new ideas so use this time to see where your wonderful mind takes you. You will be surprised.

It is okay to feel anxious, you are human and I am sure even the calmest of us are feeling anxious right now. Reach out and talk to someone, you may just find comfort knowing you are not alone in feeling this way.

You might be feel frustrated with the the lack of answers and clarity, not being able to relax with friends and family etc. Try to channel this energy into doing something you have always wanted to and redirect your thoughts to something else.

Bullet Journal Quote: Dealing with anxiety and isolation 3: Confusion and uncertainty. The emotional rollercoaster. BGN

You could be feeling sad and finding it difficult to cope. This is natural and absolutely understandable. Again, it is important to speak to someone about it. Having a cry can also help to get it out of your system. If it is more than just feeling a little low and you feel sad for long periods of time try to get in touch with your GP for further support.

It is also understandable to be worried and scared, especially about the people that we care about.

Try to allow yourself the space to feel these emotions and let them pass so you can focus on the bigger picture.

The here and now and the challenges they present will pass.

Yes things are confusing and yes we just want to get through this safely but don’t let this time pass fuelling negative emotions.

Check in on those you are worried about and then focus on you.

Try to be flexible with changes and remember no one expects perfection from you.

Bullet Journal Quote: Dealing with anxiety and isolation 3: Confusion and uncertainty. The emotional rollercoaster. BGN

If you are unsure about what we can and cannot do, you are not alone. Hopefully as things go on we will begin to understand things with more clarity, but until then just keep doing what you are doing.

There is no quick fix to this nor a specific date for when things will change dramatically.

So in the meantime take care of yourself, do not overburden yourself with information, take time out to exercise and focus on self care.

Try to get enough sleep, eat nutritious meals as these can really affect your well being.

Your experience and emotions are valid and unique to you so do not dismiss them, but also treat yourself with the kindness you deserve by not getting stuck in a negative pattern of thoughts.

Take care of yourself and others.

We will get through this together.

reflect. love. heal always



Brown Girl N

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