Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation 3: The challenges of working from home.

Hope you all and your loved ones are safe and well. The days are getting longer and brighter so lets all hope for the better in the days to come.

We are in to day 12638*#@8745 of the lockdown and although we are aware of the fact that the lockdown will be over there is still uncertainty of the when and how.

So let us focus on the here and now, make the most of what is happening rather than going back and forth on what is yet to come.

You are all doing amazing, it may not feel like it but you are and as humans although we are creatures of habit, we are also extremely adjustable.

We adjust to different weather, different space, different environmental factors even if we complain about them and don’t necessarily like the change.

And our focus should be on maintaining our best in these times of adjustment.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with anxiety & isolation the challenges of working from home’ BGR

For those working from home, it can seem like a blessing or a curse but what it really depends on is your mindset.

Yes you might not get all the free time those that are not working are getting, and you may still need to look presentable by ‘showing up’ for video calls and conferences, which means getting up and getting ready.

You may also need to create a presentable space for where the video calls take place and this could mean rearranging you living space and the upkeep of it, resulting in more work for you to do.

However, if you choose to view your work as a blessing that you able to continue to do in this uncertain unprecedented time compared to the many who cannot even if they wanted to, then you can even look at the ‘work’ behind your work as a further benefit rather than a hindrance.

Working from home can mean that you do not have all the hours of the day to spend on what you wish to spend on, but it also means that you have structure and routine on a day that can be spent doing nothing otherwise.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with anxiety & isolation structure your day around your work in order to be your most productive’ BGR

You will still be saving time on the travel that took place to getting to work, which can mean more zzzz added to your sleep, but waking up early is a kickstart to a productive day.

No you do not need to shower or change clothes, make your bed or clean up your house as it can seem like a pointless task.

But these things should be done for you not for how others see you.

Not going out can mean no makeup days for some people, allowing their skin to breathe and take a break, but we still need TLC.

So instead of waking up just before you need to work, set your alarm for at least half an hour earlier, shower to assist you in waking up, still continue with a simple yet beneficial skin care routine.

Change out of your pyjamas, yes you do not need to wear work clothes or even outside clothes, but keep your sleep wear and home wear separate.

Make yourself breakfast, it doesn’t need to be a café style, 3 course, Instagram worthy meal but you need to fuel your body well in order to fuel your mind.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with anxiety & isolation take charge of your day you run this!’ BGR

Make your workspace comfortable enough to to work in ease but not too comfortable that you can easily nap in and relax not wanting to do any work, and if you do not want to wake up earlier to set up your work space, do it the night before so that it is ready for the following morning.

If you live with others let them know what your work schedule is so that they are able to work around you and not cause much disruption.

When it is time for a break make the most of it, go for a walk, get some fresh air, once in a while even treat yourself to outside lunch where the ‘takeaway only’ businesses are open.

If the weather doesn’t permit going outside then use the break time for a good stretch and workout at home, step away from the computer and the focus the time on yourself.

And if at any time you feel overwhelmed, if you are stuck or in need of help do not forget to pick up the phone to call a colleague or email your employer to ask for help. You need to remember that we are all in this together, we are all faced with the same challenges and the best way to overcome this is together.

We do not have much control on the way the world has changed so suddenly but we always have the power to choose how we deal with changes and what we can do for ourselves.

So let us always choose to strive for the better.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Roohi xXx

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  1. Honestly, you guys just give great advice and tips for dealing with problems that our society holds! You will definitely be a big organisation in the coming years! Look forward to upcoming blogs.

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