Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation: The Importance of Solidarity.

Our own journey of healing and reflecting was the very reason we started writing to share all that we have learnt and all the things we are still unlearning.

We are still working on shedding the layers of cultural and external conditioning that we subconsciously internalised. As we grow we understand that we are a continuous work in progress.

Our aim is to consciously work on being the best version of ourselves.

To understand that all the difficult experiences in our life should be carried with us and not erased because they have helped us become better people. They are our medals of survival and resilience.

We know from experience that it isn’t easy to love ourselves, but essential for our wellbeing and necessary to extend that love to others.

We believe boundaries are crucial for us to respect ourselves, but equally important for us to respect others. Because without boundaries there are no limitations and without limitations we transgress, we offend, we disrespect, we hurt and in turn we allow that to be redirected towards us.

#Everylifematters, #Blacklifematters, are so much more than trending hashtags.

Society and the world we live in will not change because people speak out on matters that are trending. It has to be ingrained within us to speak out in public and private, at home and amongst both strangers and friends when you see wrong or injustice at every other time. When it is no longer a trend to say and do those things.

Be consistent. Your beliefs and morals should stand strong and rooted regardless of who you are around and your truth should not cater to others but to the truth.

You have to fix what is within you before you can fix the world.

You have to fix what is in your home before you extend that to others.

We have to choose love and respect every time because how can we truly heal and love ourselves as humans if we have no humanity?

Bullet Journal Quote: Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation: Every single one of us matter. BGN

We shouldn’t have to remind each other of basic human rights, but if we need to we should all stand up to the occasion.

Remind each other that black lives matter, that racism is not ok, that we are created equal, that seeing deaths around the world of innocent children, men and women is never ok. We will remind each other for as long as the reminders are needed.

Those in power have a responsibility for those under their care.

Those that are there to protect and serve should be doing just that.

The reality of this is sadly determined by how those in power and those that are there to protect deem you worthy of that service.

“There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab, nor for a non-Arab over an Arab. Neither is the white superior over the black, nor is the black superior over the white — except by piety.”

Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

We all have a part to play in standing up in times of injustice.

Do not stay silent or be silenced, empower your voice and speak out.

We have to recognise that this is ‘our’ problem, that we can’t justify turning a blind eye if something isn’t happening at our door step, because if it is happening to one of us regardless or where we are from, what we look like, or what we believe in then it is happening to all of us.

Our experiences can be different, our cultures and history unique to us and that is something that should be shared and understood so that we may know one another.

Our upbringings can ingrain prejudices within us in a subtle or very powerful ways. But that is no excuse to live or behave in a way that is damaging both to yourself and others.

It is time to break the cycle. Teach your children to live with empathy and acceptance. Talk to your parents when these prejudices come up. Don’t accept unacceptable language in the guise of a joke or banter.

Wrong is wrong.

Bullet Journal Quote: Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation: Every single one of us matter. BGN

We all have a part to play in changing what feels wrong, what we see is wrong.

We don’t have all the answers but we can all start by asking the right questions. Question our thoughts and actions. Have open conversations, engage in difficult discussions, listen to the experiences of others with consideration and empathy.

It is also important to take care of yourself during times where we can feel overwhelmed with sadness and grief so be kind to yourselves.

Remember just as there is injustice and cruelty in the world there is so much beauty in people everywhere you turn.

There is kindness and selflessness all around us in people we know and people we have not yet had the pleasure to meet.

Be part of that beauty.

Be the reason someone feels heard, accepted, seen and supported today and everyday.

reflect. love. heal always


Brown Girl N.


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