Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation 7: Identify and address your triggers

Being in lockdown for over two months has resulted in a roller coaster of emotions.

And many of them don’t make any sense.

Sometimes we can find peace with the long day ahead of us and other times it can seem daunting.

Sometimes we can delve into full on baking, reading, knitting or making our own dalgona mood and other times we can get overwhelmed with the situation we’re in.

We can end up laughing, crying, getting hurt or get infuriated with the most insignificant things.

Sometimes we’re superhuman and at other times we are not okay.

But we need to remember it’s okay not being okay.

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We have been advised to stay home to stay safe from the virus, but we can also use this opportunity to stay home and stay focused and look after our wellbeing.

As productive as it is to brush up on our hobbies, to learn a new skill and look after our physical well-being, we also need to be mindful of our mental health.

We are not experts nor claim to be, if you need to seek professional help please do so.

What we do know is any professional you do go to will ask you firstly about yourself.

They will try and get you to talk, to learn about you and your history with the anxiety.

And that is because the root cause and solution lies within you.

If you cannot deal with managing the pressure of time and deadlines for example, then it could be that you do not have a good history with it.

It could be that in the past you have had to deal with the pressure with negative and dire consequences.

No you cannot diagnose a condition for yourself and looking up online can be more of a hindrance than a help, but you do have the right to understand yourself better because no one knows you like you do.

You can take this time to identify the triggers of your anxiety to understand why.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation identify and address your triggers’ BGR

Start to listen to yourself more, what I mean by this is be in tune with your emotions and gut feelings, if something doesn’t feel right listen to your intuition and at the same time try and understand why.

Try and think of every time you have felt this way (you can keep a journal if you need to) and then try and think of what had happened before, after and around the situation.

See if you can identify any common factors.

Keeping a record can help you identify any patterns and in turn can help you understand the root cause.

Coping with anxiety is looking after your well being and making sure you know that you are safe, well and that no one else has the power to make you feel anxious unless you allow them to.

Because the focus should be you, how you feel and how you are looking after yourself.

There are many apps on your phone you can download that are soothing, calming and good for your well being such as:

Some help with meditation, some with sleep, others are simple activities such as colouring that can be soothing.

DISCLAIMER: General meditation practice and apps are not a replacement for or a form of therapy nor are they intended to cure, treat, or diagnose medical conditions, such as anxiety disorder. Meditation can, however, be a component of an overall treatment plan when monitored by a health care professional.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation recognise, reflect, understand, value, be kind to yourself’ BGR

Sometimes we get anxious of anxiety itself and only when we try and see it for what it is, can we understand it better and in turn manage it better.

Again we are by no means professionals in this field but we are simply sharing what has worked for us and sharing tips for how you can recognise yourself as a whole being and understand yourself better.

If these tips are not helpful then please do not hesitate to contact a more professional body, we have a list of support helplines on our page:

You are amazing, you are a powerful force, you are beautiful in every way, please don’t ever forget that. Recognise your worth and identify your value so that you can look after yourself the way that you truly deserve.

Reflect. Love. Heal.


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