New Mini Event: Overcome fear as a Barrier to your Success!

What are you afraid of? How does it make you feel?
Ignoring your fears only makes them bigger and scarier. This short powerful event gives you the tools to:
Visualise your success in order to overcome the fears and the barriers they create.
Get curious about your fears, be brave and face them head-on.
Boost your confidence by taking back control
Detach from your fears and overcome them!

Four new dates and times!

Introduction to Shut Down your Inner Critic

The inner critic personifies the negative thoughts we have about ourselves, instructing and influencing our thoughts and behaviours. A highly functioning inner critic can take a toll on your emotional well-being and self-esteem.
Find out where your inner critic comes from and how it affects your life and holds you back. Using our powerful 4-step guide including a practical tool-kit with uniquely curated resources and models. Be equipped with the skills & tools to manage your inner critic with confidence and shut it down!

Introduction to Breaking Barriers to Success

When you come face to face with a barrier it can seem daunting, the barrier might seem like a wall you cannot climb over but what you need to know is that every problem has a solution and sometimes we need to take certain steps to overcome the challenge.
No matter how intimidating your barriers may seem, remember, the solutions, tools, and skills you need to overcome them are within you. Identify what success means to you, the barriers you may encounter, and how to focus on progression, not perfection. An opportunity to get an insight into our powerful 6 step guide on how to break down your barriers and pave the way to your success. Focusing on progression and not perfection.

Introduction to Turning your Strengths into Superpowers

As women, we often find it difficult to name our signature strengths or name our talents yet we find it very easy to talk about our weaknesses. The good news is that we actively and strategically cultivate our gifts so we can call on them and use them in any situation. By investing yourselves we can really make use of our superpowers and use them to catapult our careers.
Identify your unique strengths, attributes, and skill set to unleash your Superpowers. Invest in yourself and identify the strengths you possess and with our step by guide, learn how you can turn them into your superpowers

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