The Confident Empowered Woman Part i, ii and iii

Confidence based educational mentoring to highlight women's strengths and talents through Empowerment


 The Confident Empowered Woman is a three-part program with an inclusive and engaging syllabus full of interactive and practical educational based activities.

 The program uses evidence based practices to equip women with tools and skills to increase emotional intelligence and manage anxiety and stress.

It allows women to confidently identify and overcome both barriers and challenges without the influence of self-doubt giving opportunities to highlight and develop leadership qualities.

Our program allows women as individuals to embrace and develop their unique talents and superpowers, and through empowerment be a more motivated and proactive member of any team or organisation .


The Program Contents

Benefits and outcomes

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Highlight your leadership qualities
  • Be more productive and motivated
  • Boost participation and engagement
  • Effectively manage stress and anxiety with confidence to avoid burn out
  • Improve emotional intelligence


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