Green flags to embrace 3. They make you laugh.

Having a partner that can make you laugh is an important factor for many people.

A sense of humour is something most people can appreciate and believe to be an important character trait to look for in a partner.

But I think it is important to note that a sense of humour is not always associated with someone who doesn’t take anything seriously.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Appreciating green flags they make you laugh’ BGR

Someone who finds humour at the expense of others by belittling them, mocking them and always being the cynic is something we should all be aware of as a major red flag.

Rather it’s the openness and confidence someone has that allows them to be comfortable enough to be able to laugh at situations they end up in. To be able to make jokes around and of themselves.

They are confident with who they are so they don’t rely on false pretenses to make an impression on you.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Appreciating green flags they wont relay on false pretenses to impress you.’ BGR

If they are clumsy, have a dry sense of humour or if they always end up on the wrong side of a situation but see the funny side of it they will share that with you willingly.

Because through their sense of humour they are allowing themselves to be vulnerable, risking a little of themselves that others may or may not get.

And while sharing with you their genuine sense of humour you can see whether or not you identify with it and find them funny, because if they are able to make you laugh, and then through your source of companionship you have found joy.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Appreciating green flags they will lift you up when you are down’ BGR

Someone who is able to make you cry with laughter, make you laugh until your stomach hurts is someone who will always make you feel at ease and see the the bright side even if things seem to go wrong.

They will be able to lift you up when you are down, help you find joy when you have lost hope and will always keep you young at heart.

Reflect. Love. Heal

Brown Girl R.

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