Green flags to embrace 9: They respect your personal space (boundaries)

No matter how much the relationship has developed and how comfortable you are, how much you feel you understand one another or how deep your love is for each other, a green flag that is very important is the space you are given by others.

We can be surrounded by love ones everyday, talk to them all the time and when we are away from them ponder on the time spent with them and plan things to do with them.

But each individual requires personal space, their own boundaries which makes them feel safe and comfortable, and although they will defer between each person having personal boundaries is very important.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Green to appreciate they respect your personal space (boundaries)’ BGR

And what is more important is being able to uphold these boundaries

We create different boundaries for different people depending on how close we are to them, some people may open the gates to some of our boundaries and we are able to let them in a little closer and others may move even further away if they choose to over step and disrespect our boundaries.

But what we must remember is that as important as it is to have our loved ones respect us, be loyal and trustworthy they need to be able to do the same for our boundaries.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Green flags to appreciate they do not impose themselves or their ideas of you upon you’ BGR

No matter how close they feel they are to us they should always be aware of our boundaries and make sure they are in line with is okay and what is not okay with us.

Sometimes it is nice to have someone who knows what we like and what we don’t, but if you are in a restaurant for example and you want to try something new or would just like to place your own order you should be given that choice instead.

You could be in a long term committed relationship with someone but the level of intimacy shared should always be with what you are comfortable with.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Appreciating green flags your boundaries are given the same consideration as you’ BGR

We all like to be taken care of but what we must remember is that someone who truly cares for you will not just do what they think is best for you but will take the time to ask and understand what your needs are at that moment.

Remember your boundaries are an extension of you and should always be seen that way.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Brown Girl R.

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