Green flags to embrace 1. They are a good friend.

We really hope you all enjoyed and found the red flag series helpful. Looking out for yourself often means being vary of, and keep clear of things that instead of helping us progress, end up holding us back and are detrimental to our well being.

For this series however, we will be discussing green flags, points that are sometimes overlooked and not given the appreciation they deserve.

Because there has been a lot of focus on red flags, due to their destructive nature which can sometimes leave us hurt and hopeless, we can lose sight of the blessings we have in those around us.

We tend to overlook all the attributes that are valuable to us and our relationship that we should be appreciative of.

Traits that can help us determine whether or not the people we have around us are beneficial to our lives, points we need to acknowledge and be grateful for and factors we need to instill in us to be a blessing and not a hindrance to others in our lives.

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Too often we hear the phrase ‘I’m so lucky I’ve been married to / I fell in love with my best friend’.

But what we fail to see is that the basis of any relationship be it among siblings, between a parent and child or someone you have a relationship with, needs to begin with mutual friendship.

So what is a good friend?

There are many qualities a good friend possesses but generally a good friend is someone you can rely on, someone who will always be honest with you even if it is painful to hear the truth.

A good friend is someone who shares similar (and not exactly the same) hobbies and activities as you, and have similar interests.

Someone who you can count on who will always listen to you, will always be loyal to you and will love you even on your bad days.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘Appreciating green flags they love you even on your bad days’ BGR

A friend is usually someone who supports us, looks after us and knows us the way we need to be recognised, so isn’t that what we need to look for in someone we want to start a relationship with?

Everyone has issues and some may have bigger baggage than others but being a good friend is something everyone has the capability to be, a basic requirement which is sometimes easily disregarded.

And it is this basic characteristic trait that allows us to be able to be vulnerable and lean on our other half who is our friend, even if we are not getting long with them.

We are able to count on their loyalty, consideration and empathy they have for us and we always feel at ease in their company no matter how upset they may be with us.

Having that spark and passion between couples is very important, we need to feel attracted to them, have them set butterflies in our stomach.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘Appreciating green flags they are loyal’ BGR

But passion needs to be consistent with consideration

Spark in line with compassion

Attraction needs to be beyond physical, it should correlate with mental, spiritual and personal.

And as well as butterflies we should also feel a sense of contentment when we see them or even think of them.

Because in order for a relationship to blossom the initial feelings of ‘your heart skipping a beat’ or being ‘on cloud nine’ needs to be followed by establishing a foundation.

And the foundation set should be strong and grounded something which will hold fast and not allow trials and tests to weaken it.

And I believe that foundation is friendship.

A simple quality that can be build upon to make it so much more.

Reflect. Love. Heal

Brown Girl R

2 thoughts on “Green flags to embrace 1. They are a good friend.”

  1. I love this. Loyalty, compassion, care is the basis for a relationship. Understanding. It’s one of the reasons in Judaism religious couples don’t touch before marriage, so that the touch shouldn’t blind them to building a solid foundation.
    Love, light and glitter

    1. So true. You need to see the other person for what they truly are and what your relationship with them really stands for before anything else. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Means a lot xXx

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