Green flags to keep embrace 11: They are able to commit and you can count on them.

When you get to know someone you are interested in having a relationship with, everything in the beginning is over emphasised and you both are fascinated with each other.

Every like and dislike is given that extra attention.

And it seems as if your whole world revolves purely around each other.

And when you feel like the relationship is ready for the next step, and requires commitment in order to flourish and you are both able to embrace that, then you have been given the green flag for commitment.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Green flags to appreciate they are able to commit and you can count on them.’ BGR

Relationships should not be complicated, tricky or difficult. They do require effort and work but they should never leave you feeling confused in terms of where you stand or question what your relationship means.

Rather, as your feelings for each other develops deeper, and you understand what you want and what you need to invest in each other, your relationship then moves forward in its natural course of progression.

Even if phone calls have been reduced from every hour to just once a day, if you need to call them they will always get back to you.

It may have started out just you and them, and then real life began to creep its way into your world but they always make you feel prioritised and they continue to make you feel like they appreciate you.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Green flags to appreciate they will always find the time and be able to prioritise you’ BGR

Let’s face it, why wouldn’t they appreciate you, you are simply amazing!

Gaining you is not about the chase or you being the catch where once they get you they begin to lose interest, you are the prized possession they have gained, for which they will continue to invest in.

And being in a committed relationship with you doesn’t seem daunting, rather it is seen as a new chapter of endless adventures and possibilities.

They are able to create the the perfect balance of commitment, dedication and excitement not just for you but for themselves also.

Bullet journal Quote – ‘Green flags to appreciate they embrace you, your relationship and this new chapter wholeheartedly’ BGR

That is because our relationships are what we make of them, they are not phases and labels or what others tell us or show us, but a part of our journey they way we choose to lead it.

And someone who is committed to you and is willing to be part of that journey should be someone who is ready to begin this adventure with you wholeheartedly.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Brown Girl R.

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