How to keep yourself together when your world is falling apart.

Many times we end up facing calamities which crush us, destroy us and have us falling apart, making us feel like we are sinking into an abyss but life does not have a pause button which allows us to pick ourselves up.

Time moves on therefore we have to continue with our lives, but how do we do that and what can we do to make it easier?

There have been times when running away or hibernating seem like the best option, and although a new scenery from a hotel room, or even a bed where we can wallow away our grief seem like the best way to deal with the sadness, there are so many things we cannot simply just not do.

And it’s these day to day daily routines which we have to do, that help us stay sane even though they are things we dread doing. So for today’s post I’ll be writing about the things that can help you stay together when everything else seem like it’s falling apart.

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Start your day a better way’ BGR

Start your day a better way

1. Wake up a little earlier. Whether it’s to go for a walk, to pray, to meditate, to write a checklist or even just to gather your thoughts while you’re still in bed. It’ll probably be the last thing you’d want to do, and hiding away under your covers may seem like you’re hiding away from your problems but waking up, acknowledging your existence, understanding you have a purpose in life can motivate you to keep moving forward.

Bullet Journal Idea Embrace the ways you love yourself’ BGR

Embrace the ways you love yourself

2. With that in mind make a mental note of 5 (yes 5!) things you love about yourself. As humans we all have good and bad points about ourselves and when we’re feeling down it’s hard to see our positive side, our strengths and the good qualities we possess. We are and we do things a certain way and that makes us who we are and so we must at all times remind ourselves of these qualities from a positive prospective.

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Pay more attention to you’ BGR

Pay more attention to you!

3. Pay a little more attention to yourself. Take a little longer getting ready, put a little more effort in how you look after yourself. Your day may consist of 101 menial tasks you have to get through so don’t forget to make yourself a priority. Look after yourself; eat and drink well, sleep well and whenever you can, indulge well.

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Surround yourself in positive company’ BGR

Surround yourself in positive company

4. Surround yourself in positive company. Those friends who have been asking for catch up sessions, family plans which are long overdue, people who you have not seen for a while, the ‘things to do’ checklist you made a while ago…do it get yourself out there and go for it. Having those that genuinely care about you, around you is the correct change of scenery you require.

Bullet Journal Idea ‘Remember, it will get better & nobody has it all together’ BGR

Remember, it will get better and nobody has it together.

5. Remember, it will get better and nobody has it all together. We all have a life to live, therefore we all have have issues we are going through. Social media certainly doesn’t help when people are exposing the best view of a life they want to show the world. But we have to remember it’s preferred to not expose the troubles that haunt us so we like to keep them hidden away.

Final Thoughts

It’s been said that time is a great healer, and although it doesn’t take away the hurt it can help with dealing with the grief. And while time is helping us heal, we need to make every effort we possibly can to help us deal with our hurt better and for us to come out stronger. I sincerely hope whatever you are going through, may you come out stronger.

Reflect. Love. Heal. always

Brown Girl R

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