Lessons a Heartbreak can teach you 10: Learn the lessons and heal away the pain.

No matter how much we plan, prepare and train in our lives we always end up facing a situation we are completely unprepared for.

As parents we feel that although we have to impart the wisdom and life lessons we have learnt the hard way onto our children, that still won’t be enough for them to anticipate all the tests and trials they will face in their future.

And as educators we have always been taught that you cannot teach children, rather your role is to guide them in order for them to gain the tools and skills to learn for themselves.

Going through a heartbreak and coming out the other side teaches us many valuable lessons. But that does not mean you are prepared for everything that is still to come.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Learn the lesson and heal away the pain, you will be OK, you will grow, you will blossom’ BGR

Rather you have gained an experience which hopefully will help you learn more about and understand yourself better.

Heartbreaks are hard and they are painful but each one is unique to itself. So you may face another in the future despite the preparations you may have gone through thinking it will be preventable.

We hope that these lessons will encourage you to learn to value the most important relationship you have, and that is with yourself.

A heartbreak shouldn’t stop you from loving yourself and looking after yourself nor should it stop you from trying again.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘ Take the good and leave bad behind you’ BGR

Sometimes it’s hard to trust others once someone has been disloyal or deceiving. But the trust you place yourself should always be upheld and remain strong.

Don’t let your heartbreak stop you from living your life. No one else is in the driving seat apart from you, so do not let others dictate where you are heading.

Keep the lessons you have learnt along the way with you, but begin to trust the process and learn to let go to move on because the only thing you need hold on to is the value you give yourself.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘Heartbreaks may be painful but they teach valuable lessons’ BGR

Never forget to listen to yourself and once you are aware of and have established your boundaries, hold onto it. If any experience leads you to question them, then reevaluate your feelings and redefine them to what suits you.

Don’t compromise on who are and what your expectations are for anyone.

There is no stopping growth no matter how much of it you have done, and the journey can be painful at times but there is no ease without hardship and no joy without risks.

So whenever life takes a turn towards a dark moment in life, it doesn’t mean you are lost rather it could be a home from where you will blossom.

Stay strong.

Reflect. Love. Heal

Brown Girl R.

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