Lessons a Heartbreak can teach you 2: Acceptance is the first step to healing!

It happened, your heart was broken, shattered into many pieces and recovery from it seems impossible. Words of encouragement seem to fall on deaf ears and it seems that no one, absolutely no one can possibly feel the way you do.

No one can relate to what you are going through and no matter how many people you surround yourself with you feel like the loneliest person alive.

And although this is partly true; every heartbreak is unique and every person’s situation is exclusive to what they have gone through, you will get through it.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘You are in control of your healing’ BGR

Whether the grief is for the loss, betrayal or hurt you cannot go back in time and erase it. It’s there for life.

I’m not saying there are no second chances, or a relationship cannot overcome it’s hardship but when there is a heartbreak involved the relationship has changed.

Sometimes the heartbreak rekindles the relationship and sometimes the relationship cannot cope with it. Either way in order to move forward the situation at first needs to be accepted for what it is and only then can the direction of where it needs to go be established

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘A broken means a different journey not failure’ BGR

If it is assumed that moving on means brushing the situation under the carpet and not dealing with it, then that means you are rebuilding on a broken foundation. And a broken foundation means an unbalanced and rocky relationship, just because it is ignored does not meant it will go away.

On the contrary it will keep popping up because you have not addressed it the way it needs to be addressed.

Whichever way the relationship is heading if it ends up broken or rekindled it is not the definition of failure or success. Rather it is a direction of what is better for you whether it may seem like it or not.

Bullet Journal Quotes – ‘Accepting that perfect moments do mean a perfect relationship’ BGR

And the initial hurt may require a mourning period, but the longer you grieve the longer you are holding on the hurt. The person that hurt you has caused the pain and they are no longer with you, so what are you keeping hold of? Is it beneficial or is it causing you a continuous loss of your time and energy?

Every relationship requires hard work and effort, and mistakes are made from both sides but that the main point is that if the relationship cannot withhold the struggles and hits it may face then the relationship is not what you may think it is.

Having good moments does not paint the picture of a perfect relationship.

And only when you can accept that do you realise that it is not about whether or not they loved you, it’s about are you giving yourself the love you deserve and bettering yourself?

You and only are in control of the life you want to live so never settle for second best and give yourself the 100% you need.

Reflect. Love. Heal

Brown Girl R.

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