Lessons of a Heartbreak 8: This is not the end, it is just the start of something new!

We cannot place our identity with the connection of others. Yes, our background, culture, environment, family, etc is part of who we are but we are all unique to who we want to be.

And we cannot expect others to complete who we are that needs to come from within.

Loving others is not a weakness, making them a large part of your life is not foolish.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘This is not the end only you can complete yourself’ BGR

However your primary priority should be you, so much so that you are comfortable in your own company, and you are confident enough to try new things without the need of depending on others.

That is because those that we love need to complement who we are, we cannot assume it is the duties of others to fill in any empty spaces we have or to be responsible for any discoveries we need to make about ourselves.

As Brown Girl N has explained in the previous post ‘everyone you love isn’t forever’: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/musingsofbrowngirls.com/1353 you need to make sure you are doing good with or without them.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘This is not the end prioritise you!’ BGR

Your hopes, dreams and aspirations may involve them but the true purpose of these achievements should be for you and you only.

So when we are broken hearted we are left hurt but that shouldn’t be confused for emptiness. The company of the loved one is missing but you are whole person, how you feel doesn’t always represent what you are.

Every morning when you wake up to face the day you are given the chance for a new beginning. Opportunities are always surrounding us, it is up to us to seize them and make the most of them.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘This is not the end start your adventure’ BGR

This is your life and only you have the ability to make your adventure as exciting as you want.

So turn over a new leaf, press the reset button because I believe you truly have the capability within you to focus and move your life in the direction that YOU want it to go.

You’ve got this!

Reflect. Love. Heal

Brown Girl R.

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