My Fear of Change and our new mini-course “Overcome fear as a barrier to your success!

I have always feared change, I get anxious when it is presented to me, worried when I think I will be challenged with change and overwhelmed when I have to face it.

I can remember the very first major change I experienced and the onset of confusing emotions it brought with it.

Moving out of our tiny two-bedroom flat with my 6 siblings into a large comfortable beautiful home left me distraught and very sad.

What if we grew apart? everything around me was new and strange, I missed the comfort of the old and familiar.

I realised that change instilled fear rather than hope and excitement and something needed to change.

I have consciously tried looking at change differently.

– Change is an opportunity to start something new.

-The unknown has no definitive of being fully good or fully bad.

– Staying in the present is so important to make the most of the now.

-Change IS inevitable.

– Change is growth

– Change can sometimes be scary and that is ok

Maybe I was more afraid of being able to cope with changes and letting self-doubt overwhelm me rather than the change itself.

What I can say looking back at all the opportunities, growth and joy changes have brought in my life is that I am more afraid of not embracing all that life has to offer by fighting it.

Because change can be beautiful and can highlight your strengths, adaptability and resilience like nothing else.

I am openly sharing my vulnerable fears because here at Nu(pw)R we believe in the (pw)R of talk, and encourage every woman to be her authentic, genuine self.

To find out more about how fear and self-doubts can become a barrier to your success and how you can take back control join us on our new mini event “Overcoming Fear as a Barrier to your Success”. #growth #success #overcomingbarriers #positivemindset #pwb

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