Personal Boundaries to put in place 2: Don’t compromise your values for others.

Our boundaries are unique to who we are and our experience. As our journey is continuous our boundaries are likely to evolve with us.

Certain situations might force us to say ‘no’ earlier on or with more duress, we might be more careful with our boundaries or learn to enforce them earlier on.

But what we always need to remember is that who we are, our nature, our core being is something we should always stay true to.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Personal boundaries to put in place always remain true to who you are’ BGR

Change is inevitable, I would say it is necessary, we need to change with the times, and we need to change as we grow but our morals and values, the foundation of our principles should always remain true to who we are.

We do need to act accordingly to others and make sure that our boundaries aren’t overstepped and we aren’t taken advantage of.

We need to make sure that toxic people are not affecting our well being.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Personal boundaries to put in place don’t compromise your values for others’ BGR

But while doing so we also need to make sure that this does not result in changes that make us someone we are not.

People that have wronged you do not need to treated the same way but they need to be treated in the way that best suits you.

If someone by nature is aggressive in their mannerism it is okay for you to say ‘I’m sorry but I do not want to have a conversation with you in this manner’, rather than answering the way they are and having the situation escalate negatively.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Personal boundaries to put in place commit to positive changes and not negative ones’ BGR

If need be create distance whether it is physical or over time, or even deal with situations head on if you think it is the best option, but do no let others lead the example of how you need to be if it is something that is having a negative impact on you.

You are uniquely you, and that is what makes you amazing.

All your wonderful traits keep you beautiful inside out so do not let them be affected by the way others are around you.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Roohi xXx

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