Life will throw many curve balls at us and as important as it is to value, learn and grow from life lessons, we should never forget that we are whole beings.

We are growing and taking in what is around us and adding that to our already nurtured and filled soul.

We are not growing from empty rather growing up and readjusting our values, morals and opinions as and when needed.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Personal boundaries to put in place, value your own opinions’ BGR

Sometimes we use our knowledge and understandings to form opinions, however we have an instinct, an intuition that we should not ignore either.

Your likes, dislikes and how feel and think about things sometimes just depends on who you are.

And it really doesn’t matter that your opinions don’t fall in line with ‘the trends of the moment’ what matters is that they are aligned with who you are.

If what you think and how you feel about something is different to others than does not necessarily mean there is a right or wrong just that there is a difference of opinion, and that is okay as well.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Personal boundaries to put in place, the only opinion that matters in yours’ BGR

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions and we should respect that but we shouldn’t let the opinions of others undermine or under value our own.

A fashion trend that has everyone buying a certain item does not mean that you have to like it, whether or not it suits you, because what matters is the confidence you carry in the clothes that you wear.

And that needs to develop in the confidence you carry when making life choices, whether or not they end up being successful, because there is no such thing as wrong choices only lessons to learn and grow from.

So if you want to rock a lipstick colour that is daring but you love it, go ahead and put it on. If you want to make a career choice that is not agreeable with the opinions of others around you, do not let that restrict you.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Personal boundaries to put in place carry your opinions with confidence, pride and assurance’ BGR

How YOU feel and what YOU want to do should matter and nothing else.

Of course the opinions of those we love and care about should matter and but they should never dictate how we feel think and what we want to do.

Remember those that matter don’t mind, and those who mind really don’t matter at all.

Reflect. Love. Heal.