Love Begins from Within.

Love is selfless, it is kind and loyal, it is happiness, unbridled joy, and it is free of judgement. We are, often and with pressure, encouraged to love abundantly; love family, friends, other halves, our community, beyond our community, our homes, our surroundings, our environment, and our world. Yet, to apply the very same notion to yourself is a bit difficult to embrace, a bit tough to swallow, harder to accept and a little alien to understand.

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Is it because like everything, too much of something is not good thing? Is vanity, selfishness, narcissism and egotism, traits that are berated as ugly and evil stem from too much love one has for themselves? I can put my hand on my heart and proclaim I am a fully-fledged advocate for everyone loving themselves a little bit more, however have equally put both my hands up to accept that it is not something I can fully embrace myself to do.

My journey into this world was one that was my own, supported by others; my amazing mother who carried me and the wonderful midwives who aided my entrance to this world but nevertheless my birth was MY moment. The end of my journey will also be my own, I hope and pray that I will be surrounded by my loved ones but MY soul shall leave MY being.

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It is truly a gift to be able to share my life with others who bring joy and colour to my world, but I must always remember that my journey in my life is mine alone no matter how much of it is shared by others. My soul is sheltered in my body, and my soul is intertwined in my being. If I am at peace with who I am, only then will I be able to give the best version of myself to others. If I love myself to the best of my capabilities will I then be able to love others abundantly.

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Theory is always easier than practical and to practice what you preach is truly a testament to what you are preaching, but this journey is one that we are choosing to embark on. To be able to self-love and promote it so that it can be an open narrative for all; to use, share, discuss and even feedback on, so that as well as imparting our wisdom we can learn from you as well.

It is to create a platform accessible to all so that self-love and self-empowerment is not a privilege; it is not a goal, rather a state of being, a way of living, thinking, a lifestyle and a basic instinct.

This blog, this first step we have taken to discover and discuss self-love, to promote it to its full extent is not just to understand the importance of it, but is also an invitation, to provide an insight to our journey, a path we are still on, a path we are encouraging everyone (most importantly ourselves) to self-love a little bit more.

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