Relationship challenges during lockdown 4: Supporting loved ones from a distance.

As lockdown is easing and we are told we are heading towards flattening the curve. we have all endured the hardships of the pandemic in many ways.

This virus brought with it the loss of many lives, we have all either faced a loss of a loved one or have had closed loved ones who have lost someone dear to them, and the whole burial process due to the risk of getting infected has been clinical and very disconnected.

The loss of jobs for many, and the uncertainty of what to turn to next as we all still in the midst of unprecedented times.

Many relationships have faced strains to the brink of being broken and all large, life changing events have had to be postponed or cancelled.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Relationship challenges during lock-down, supporting loved ones from a distance.’ BGR

Quarantining has taken place not only from different households but those risking their lives working on the front lines, our key workers, have had to practice social distancing from loved ones within their homes.

And on top of it all we are still unable to have human connection.

The anxiety, panic and the sense of being overwhelmingly emotional is something either we’re motioning through or are in contact with someone who is.

People we know can either be at an unrest or in denial and it feels like there’s no in between.

Sometimes, we know, all someone needs is a hug to either feel calm, accepting or supported and being unable to do so can make us feel helpless and useless.

But you’re not. If you feel helpless that means you understand the pain others are going through and that is one of the first and most important steps in being helpful.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Relationship challenges during lock-down remain connected no matter where you are’ BGR

We have the convenience of video calling without the additional cost of calling overseas through many different apps helping us stay in contact instantly.

With the help of technology today we can stay in touch with anyone anywhere. And making sure we keep the connection is one of the best ways of supporting others.

Shopping and running errands for those who are are vulnerable and cannot do so can be a huge help and make a world of a difference, and for those who are not close by we are able to buy and send almost anything anywhere and we should use that to help those in need.

Being unable to cook a meal to give to someone doesn’t mean we cannot order a meal to be delivered to their doorstep, especially for those facing a tough time and cooking a meal is the last thing on their minds.

Young children who are unaware and unable to fully grasp what is going on can have small sentimental gifts sent to them to remind them they are being missed and are thought of. (this can include adults also as let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy gifts?)

Being unable to visit someone’s home doesn’t mean we cannot visit from outside.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Relationship challenges during lock-down remember to always voice care, consolidation and concern’ BGR

Staying connected means enjoying the company of others no matter what the circumstances are, we should be able to always voice care, consolidation and concern no matter where we are.

And one of the most simplest ways to do that is by sending a message, if you are thinking of someone pick up the phone and let them know.

If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, pick up the phone and let them know.

If you have heard something about someone…let them know.

Don’t wait on others, you don’t know if your message could have been the highlight of their day or even their week, and even if you are the one making the effort, they are not in vain no matter how it is reciprocated then, if it is appreciated you will be notified, if not straight away then definitely later on.

Remember it’s nice to just be nice, and if you are doing something for others knowing that it comes from a place of good intention, then it’ll be something that is good for your heart.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Roohi xXx

Brown Girl R.

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