Relationship challenges during Lockdown 8: Rekindling Relationships.

Although lockdown is easing and there have been many measurements taking place to ensure safety and to encourage people to come back to their normal routine, we cannot just pick up where things were left.

Even visually our environment is filled with safety measures making sure distance is maintained.

And whether we have been locked in with or locked away from our loved ones, with the lockdown being lifted, our relationships have all taken a turn and require a fresh start to the efforts we make continuing them.

We have been unable to spend time with others the way we would like to, because this pandemic has bought with it not only a highly infectious disease but it has altered the way in which our world was functioning.

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All we have continuously faced is the unknown, and the unknown can be unnerving, which in turn can result in strain on the relationships we have whether they are around us or further away.

We have had to work our relationships around the changes being brought in the world as we knew it, and it has come with its challenges.

Not only has it been difficult discussing and maneuvering the relationships we have with other adults but it has been really challenging explaining what is going on to young children who have had their daily life constricted to staying at home, all the time. Not being able to meet other family members nor being able to go to school which played a large part in their life.

But…having social media and news accessible from all the corners of the world has shown us and inspired us the different ways we can not only be in contact, but we can look after each other despite the restrictions we have had to face.

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We have understood that solidarity when faced with a calamity is the biggest source of help we can rely on.

And if we have nurtured our relationships well, where communication is clear and concise, expectations are relatable and achievable, minor setbacks and flaws are overlooked and priorities set correctly then our bonds are durable and reliable no matter what adversities we may need to face.

Our relationships are a reflection of who we are and our duty is not just to build them up to be strong and dependable, but it is also to respect the vulnerability and fragility of those around us, their anxiety and overwhelming emotions should be taken account for.

Being strong means being able to cry when you need to, being able to share your fears and your sensitivities, it means you able to talk about your dreams and aspirations no matter how farfetched and absurd they may seem to others.

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And this should not only be expected of others but reciprocated by us also.

Because we are all going through this together and it has been hard on every single on of us.

Our hardships may have been different, and they way we dealt with them unique to us but kindness should always the basis of all communications, our tone considerate, our concerns should be filled with care because we may not know how to deal with the uncertainties we are facing but we should always deal with each other in the best way possible.

So when we are starting to rekindle our relationships with those we could not meet, or if we are rekindling our relationship outsides the confines of our homes, let’s choose kindness and patience, and let’s try to understand that we are all recovering from this in different ways.

Because we will get through this, and we shall overcome this so let us remember that having each other’s back will only make it easier for us all.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Roohi xXx

Brown Girl R

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