Religion to us was taught as a way of life, my mother always introduced religious morals in stories she told rather than giving us a lists of religious ‘dos and don’ts’.

And because she has a strong convicting bond with her faith, questions and queries were always welcomed, so that we could see the love she had for her faith and understand that we need to have our own connection rather than just accepting what we have been told.

And one of the first things she taught us and keeps reminding us time and time again is that to have any religious connections one must first always be a good person.

Being honest, kind, thoughtful, respectful, considerate are all good religious morals one must possess to be truly connected with their Creator. Because if you believe in your Creator than you must respect all His Creations.

Bullet Journal Quote – “My actions & intentions can only be judged by my Creator” BGR

My faith has always given me strength, no matter how unfortunate a situation maybe, my faith has allowed me to get up, pray, ask for guidance and courage and face whatever turmoil I am in head on.

However being taught in an open and honest environment made us believe that everyone has the same notion of teaching religion as my mother, and everyone has my best interest at heart.

Not only was this not the case but others opinions slowly crept in weighing down on all the decisions I needed to make for myself. So much so that even the way I dressed was to please others rather than myself.

Embarking on my self love journey I have come to realise that allowing the judgement of others to affect us, places power of what others think, govern the way we live our life.

Bullet Journal Quote – “Only I can have my best interest at heart” BGR

But placing all judgment to my creator allows me to think about my intentions and actions purely on what they are and not how they are seen by others.

And when we allow ourselves to be judged only by our Creator and we believe we are only answerable to Him do we realise that all our concerns and requests should be relayed to Him alone and the answers looked for by us.

When you focus on the relationship you have with your Creator you understand the power you possess to live the life you want on your terms.

And once you understand the purpose of your life, only then can you see the importance of reestablishing the relationship you have with yourself.

Bullet Journal Quote – “To love yourself is to acknowledge, accept and appreciate yourself” BGR

You are important, you have been created with so much care, attention and detail that not giving yourself the priority you deserve is an injustice to who you are.

So go ahead and love yourself, acknowledge, accept and appreciate yourself.

Reflect. Love. Heal xXx

Brown Girl R