Self Love Journey Lesson 2 “I am amazing” –

For too long our flaws and what we lack have been the main focus point within and surrounding our society.

An unattainable archetype ideology of what we should be has us believe that 1, we will never be good enough and 2, we should always be striving for something we can never achieve.

It is what is used to build business empires worth billions, what is used to control us in relationships everywhere; within spouses, friends, work, society in general and most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves.

But what we end up forgetting is that our dreams, aspirations and ambitions are our own, and despite the expectations of others only we have the drive and capabilities to get where we want and be who we are.

And the standards which we want to live by are those which only we have the power to set.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘You are amazing because you set your own standards.’ By BGR

We tend to focus on the ‘ifs’ thinking that ‘if this was different’, ‘if we changed that’ or ‘if we lose/gain this much’ we’ll look/be better. But by creating this attitude, by not giving ourself the love and making who we already are, the focal of our attention and efforts, will we sincerely be happy once we reach the goals we set out to achieve?

When we focus too much on our flaws we end up only looking to them opposed to looking at ourselves as a whole.

However if we look at our strengths and what we do have, it is nothing short of amazing. Yes we have our shortcomings and we should always work on bettering ourselves but that does not mean we should overlook what we already are.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘You are amazing because the sky is your limit.’ By BGR

There is no limit to our capabilities and as a result no limit to our achievements.

This is blog is a reminder, a beacon of hope and a fundamental core value of self love which is that you are amazing. And this is something which you not only have to acknowledge but something you need to embrace wholeheartedly

Truly you are a gem to this world and to those around you and that is because you are uniquely you.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘You are amazing because you are unique.’ By BGR

There is no one else like you and no one else can ever replace you.

So from today and everyday onward look at yourself and I mean truly look, at not just what you look like but who you are and tell yourself ‘I am AMAZING.’ Because really you are and I am so very proud of you.

Reflect. Love. Heal always

Brown Girl R. xXx

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