Self Love Journey Lesson 4 – I am worthy.

To begin this journey of self love the first steps we take must be our own. Recognising and validating who we are will allows us to begin to value our self worth.

The encouragement we can give ourself is greater than any help we can receive, however this does not mean we should not welcome help and information regarding self love.

But what we need to understand is, that only when we begin to recognise our worth, we can then understand the love and respect we deserve from others.

You’ll never look for approval from others once you seek, understand and grasp the powers you possess.

Bullet Journal Idea Quote – “You are worthy, you seek your own approval” BGR

Although self recognition is one of the first step we must take it is also one of the most difficult.

When your opinions, thoughts and suggestions tend to get cast aside and your knowledge is viewed as incompetent, you cannot help but turn that into your reality.

Recognising self worth is unlearning all that and shedding away the self doubts which have been conditioned for far too long.

And because self love needs to come from one’ self, you need take back the power of your own validation, you need to set your own boundaries and need to show others your self worth.

How can you expect others to know the way you need to them to love, respect and value you if you haven’t shown them how you love yourself?

Bullet Journal Idea Quote – “You are worthy, you deserve your best” BGR

Not everyone will show you the love you deserve, but you need to begin to do that for yourself. Not everyone will respect you the way you respect them but you need to respect yourself first.

Take charge and put yourself first, be unapologetic for the boundaries you place and the expectations you have for yourself.

Your self worth is the value you give yourself, so don’t hold back and reach for the moon for you are a star and you deserve no less.

Bullet Journal Idea Quote – “You are worthy, reach for the moon for you are a star” BGR

You attract what you project, so set your standards high as you can and never forget that YOU are worthy.

Reflect. Love. Heal always

Brown Girl R xXx

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