Self Love Journey Lesson 7- I am Not defined by my past, opinions or experiences.

It is hard enough facing the challenges of life and overcoming the obstacles in your way without taking on the added burden of what others think of you. We then add fuel to the fire by not thinking the best for and of ourselves.

As people we tend to obsess about our mistakes or if things didn’t work out the way we hoped they would.

What we forget in those moments is that our mistakes do not define us but teach us valuable lessons to take with us in the future. If things did not work out the way we wanted them to I believe it is always a redirection to something better.

Bullet Journal Ideas Quote- “I am not defined by my experiences” BGN

Do not give your mistakes the upper hand. Do not let the actions of others overwhelm you and do not over think the things that have happened to you.

If you have come across a closed door in your path change course.

If you have closed a door behind you; take the good, appreciate the lesson and move on as greater things are yet to come.

If a door has slammed in your face unexpectedly, remember that what was behind that door is no longer something that will add value to your life. Do not mourn for what could have been or try to save things in your mind with all the what ifs when it has already ended.

Bullet Journal Ideas Quote- “I am not defined by my mistakes or my past” BGN

Look at the door, learn the lessons, be angry, be sad, be relieved and even scream at it if you have. But at some point you will have to rely your own strength and carry yourself away from that door to unknown territories however scary that might seem.

Each event and every experience sets you on the path to your destination, giving you the tools and skills to get through the next chapter better equipped.

You are not your past, defined by your past mistakes or the things that have happened to you that were beyond your control.

Do not carry the labels others impose on you through their judgements or own insecurities. You are your own person, you have the power to make decisions for your own life and only you have to live with the consequences of the events.

Bullet Journal Ideas Quote- “I am not defined by peoples opinions of me” BGN

People opinions of you, are just that. Opinions. You should never let how others perceive you direct your life or thoughts.

Every day is a fresh start, a new beginning and your chance to do things differently and better.

No matter how hopeless things seem, or how dark and long this never ending tunnel goes on for you; will get there and you will be ok.

Remember this is just the beginning of amazing things to come, this is your journey not the destination.

reflect. love. heal always

Brown Girl N.


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