Self Love Journey Lesson 8 – I can only focus on myself!

When learning to self love what we often fail to recognise is that before valuing and investing in the relationship we have with others we must first and foremost focus our attention towards ourselves.

The expectations we have of others might or might not be met because that depends on how much you are being prioritised. But that should never stop you from always giving yourself a 100% of your focus, attention, priority and love.

Only when you recognise your worth will you stop settling for less from others.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Focus on yourself, choose yourself first.’ BGR

The highest expectations should be set for yourself and the greatest focus should be given to meeting them.

Instead of placing your hopes and aspirations on what you wish others to be for you, be that and more for yourself.

Alternatively instead of ignoring yourself to give a hundred percent to others choose yourself first every time, so that you are at your best.

Because being your best for others requires you to be at your best with yourself first.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Focus on yourself love yourself the hardest when you’re in need of love the most.’ BGR

And when you are at your lowest, feeling your worst, thinking that you have reached the place of no return that’s when you need to give yourself your best and you need to love yourself the hardest.

Because self love isn’t always easy, and sometimes even on good days loving yourself can be a struggle but when we give ourselves no choice but to choose self love, self care and self priority especially on bad days, do we then make progress and ease for choosing self love every time.

Not all lessons are easy or simple but I feel the ones that are the hardest are often most rewarding, and if we cross a hurdle once then we should be able to conquer it time and time again.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘Focus on yourself your priority should be you!’ BGR

So always remember you need to prioritise you and Reflect. Love. Heal. xXx

Brown Girl R.

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