Self Love Journey Lesson 9- There are no shortcuts to growth or healing.

The valuable lessons we learn from our life experiences are crucial to our growth and development.

Growth comes from facing challenging and difficult situations, ones that we would rather avoid or brush under the carpet.

In some ways they are more valuable than a formal education and give us an insight into our strengths and the weaknesses that may need work on.

I let go of the panic that came with trying to control a particular situation and worrying myself sick over the outcomes by letting things happen “organically”. For me this meant allowing things to take their natural course without forcing it into a certain direction or expecting a very specific outcome.

Bullet Journal Quote- “There is no shortcuts to growth or healing,allow things to take their natural course”- By BGN

Realising that the only thing you can control are your actions and reactions to any particular situation can be liberating. It allows you to reflect on yourself rather then concentrating on all the what ifs and whys of the situation.

Healing takes time, it is painful and requires you to put yourself first. To reflect on what has happened and to rebuild yourself and rediscover who you are.

You cannot rush either process, you cannot direct it or anticipate when and which of the two processes you will have to deal with. Both healing and growth go hand in hand.

Bullet Journal Quote- “There is no shortcuts to growth or healing,give yourself time, space and love” by BGN

Sometimes you may have to reopen old wounds to deal with the new ones. Sometimes one incident can have a domino effect on all the things you may have ignored knowingly or unknowingly .

Healing requires you to deal with facing with what has happened, grieving for the loss you may feel, starting to regain control of who you are and who you want to be.

Take control of your healing and allow yourself as much time, space and love you need to deal with yourself, your trauma and heartbreak. This will allow you to grow into the best version of yourself and you will appreciate the journey back to the person you are however difficult it may have been.

Bullet Journal Quote- “There is no shortcuts to growth or healing, hold onto and nurture the best parts of you” By BGN

Listen to your feelings and what you need from yourself. Trust yourself even if you trust no one else.

Don’t loose the best parts of yourself because of what you have endured or what others may have put you through.

Hold onto your kindness, your laughs, your giving nature and all the special parts of you that are worth nurturing and giving back to those most deserving of it.

reflect. love. heal always

Brown Girl N.

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