Simple ways to start building your self esteem 1: Make yourself a priority and stop being a people pleaser.

Self esteem is essential for having a healthy relationship with yourself and can cater for living a happier, more successful and fulfilling life. It is a good place to start connecting with yourself and healing from situations, trauma, or relationships that impacted your self esteem negatively.

Building your self-esteem takes time, effort and is a journey in itself. We hope this series encourages you to embark on your own self esteem journey and allows you to see your self worth and how amazing you really are.

Prioritise yourself and stop being a people pleaser.

Bullet Journal style quote “start building your self-esteem, be committed to putting yourself first” By BGN

When you have low self esteem you tend to put yourself at the end of your to do list. You put everyone else’s needs and wants, schedules and deadlines before your own and that is not valuing your time or yourself.

This is often embedded in our upbringing where we are taught and praised to put others before ourselves and prioritising ourselves is seen as a selfish act.

It is not easy to prioritise yourself especially if you have commitments, you are a carer for someone or a parent.

Putting yourself first does not mean neglecting your other responsibilities or commitments, it is more about recognising and valuing your own needs.

By doing this you in turn understand that you have value as a person and within your home, workplace etc.

Bullet Journal style quote “start building your self-esteem, do not neglect yourself to cater to others” By BGN

Often a hindrance in putting our own needs first comes from being people pleasers and sometimes others can unintentionally take advantage of that quality.

This is because your boundaries are not correctly in place or clearly communicated.

Juggling all areas of your life without support can get overwhelming and it is so important to take a break when you need to, meet friends if you haven’t seen them for a while, and really listen to your body and emotions.

If you hesitate when taking on something on top of your busy schedule, give yourself the opportunity to think about whether or not this will be a burden or an achievable task to take on.

If you feel anxious in certain situations that affect your self esteem ask yourself are you catering to others or prioritising your own needs?

Bullet Journal style quote “start building your self-esteem, listen to your body and emotions” By BGN

It isn’t easy to break old habits. Prioritising yourself takes daily effort and commitment until you are at a place where you are balancing your own needs and your responsibilities.

By doing this you will feel less drained, you won’t feel used or taken advantage of and you will understand that you deserve your time, effort and energy just as much as you are willing to give to those you love and value.

reflect. love. heal always

Brown Girl N

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