Simple ways to start building your self esteem 3: Challenge your inner critic and don’t dwell on your mistakes.

I sometimes ask myself, would I ever speak to those I love and care about, the way I sometimes speak to myself?

Does my empathy and compassion extend to only those around me and those that I feel need it? What is the criteria for that compassion that I seldom allow myself to experience it?

Your inner voice can be your greatest supporter and source of guidance.

In contrast your inner critic, if not tamed or challenged can be your greatest downfall.

Bullet Journal Style Quote- “Challenge your inner critic, speak to yourself with compassion.

How you speak to yourself when things go wrong, when you make a mistake, when you fail, loose a job or go through trauma and heartbreak can define how you come out on the other side and how you affect your self esteem.

When you allow yourself to fail with grace, make mistakes with understanding and give yourself chance after chance to do things different and better you will thrive as a person and grow into the best version of yourself.

You can either be the driving force of your own successes or feed off your insecurities and self-doubt keeping you stuck in a negative cycle of low self esteem.

The choice is yours.

Bullet Journal style quote- “challenge your inner critic, allow yourself to make mistakes with understanding, fail with grace speak to yourself kindly.

You as a human are allowed to make mistakes. It’s how you rise from them and focus your energies into making things right that define you as a person. Not the mistake itself.

Dwelling on the past and things you could have done differently will not change what has already been done. So take ownership of your actions, and responsibility of your part in it, but then use your energy to be better and do better.

Speak to yourself kindly. Be there for yourself when you need you the most.

Talk to yourself as you would to someone you cherish.

Accept compliments with gratitude and do not counteract it with a negative thought or a sarcastic retort.

Your inner voice can be more witty than you, sharper with words than you would ever be. It can be harsh and sarcastic and super brave with insults.

Bullet Journal style quote- “don’t dwell on your mistakes, take responsibility of your actions, do better and be better.

You deserve better than to talk down to yourself.

You are not stupid, ugly, clumsy or whatever it tells you. You are not a failure, a burden or not noticed.

You matter, you belong and you need to challenge and shut down anything or anyone that tells you otherwise including yourself.

Because you should value yourself and because you are better than that.

reflect. love. heal always

Brown Girl N.

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