Simple ways to start Building your self-esteem 4. Celebrate your successes

The hardest time to build on our self-esteem is when we feel like things are going wrong, when we have faced rejection or failure and loving ourselves feels like an enormous feat.

Our emotions and motivation are temperamental, subjective and interlinked so when we feel low there is no drive to help improve our feelings.

We end up losing sight on how to build ourselves up as we focus on the negative feelings of the present.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘To build your self-esteem remember failure does not define you’ BGR

But what we need to remember is, that in every aspect of our lives, how we are perceived and how we deal with things begin from how we feel about ourselves.

And no matter what direction the present situation is heading towards, we always need to remember that we have already come this far in life, and it hasn’t been without it’s successes as well as failures.

Our wisdom, knowledge and understanding is something we have gained from the experiences we have been exposed to.

Bullet Journal Quote – To build your self-esteem don’t lose hope of all you have achieved’ BGR

So before becoming disheartened to the potential failures you might embark on, recognise and highlight the successes you have already achieved because nothing can take them away from you.

No matter how small or insignificant they may seem to others your triumphs are your own and they deserve recognition.

Because right now at this very moment in time no matter what you have yet to achieve and whatever goals you have set your sights on, you are an accomplished person full of all the successes you have had that have made you who you are.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘To build your self-esteem celebrate your successes’ BGR

And that is an amazing being, a complete person, someone who has the world at their feet and a whole universe yet to conquer.

So celebrate the successes you have attained and look forward to all achievements you have yet to accomplish.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Brown Girl R.

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