Simple ways to start building your self esteem 6: Be grateful and help others.

Sometimes it can be hard to see ourselves for everything we are.

When our self esteem hits a low, we deem ourselves not worthy and tend to lose sight of all the good that we have or see ourselves from a negative perspective.

And at times it seems impossible to ‘snap out’ of this feeling of dread and self-worthlessness.

There might not be a magical spell to totally transform how we feel, but little steps can have significant consequences.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘To build your self esteem practise self-gratitude’ BGR

i. Ignite the practice for self-gratitude, being grateful for yourself and what what you have around you correlates with self love and self care as it allows you to focus on the positive aspect of who you are.

And these are little personal things you need to be aware of and do for yourself everyday.

Wake up and consciously make the effort to appreciate the amazing person that you are.

During the day do kind acts for yourselves and if things go wrong don’t judge yourself too harshly.

And at end the day always practice appreciating all the good you are surrounded by rather than focusing on the negative.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘To build your self esteem show gratitude’ BGR

ii. Show gratitude, what you can appreciate about yourself you should appreciate from others also.

Sometimes it is easier to show gratitude to others rather than practicing self-gratitude but acknowledging and appreciating the little things about yourself helps you to see the effort behind the kind acts of others.

Making the effort to smile when greeting others, saying thank you for gestures no matter how small, and projecting the acknowledgement and efforts of others out loud can make a world of a difference to someone’s day.

Gratitude helps those helping you, feel good about themselves and you in return will feel good about that also.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘To build your self esteem help others’ BGR

iii. Complete the cycle by helping others, understanding that you are in the position to make someone else’s moment or day better helps you realise that all the tools needed to make your day better is within you.

And if others are showing gratitude for your help and kindness in turn they have helped you appreciate yourself a little more.

Being kind, helpful, considerate and grateful really do not require much effort but the impact can have a magnitude affect.

Not only can it make others feel good but it can also have a rippling effect where others will take the example of what is shown to them and relay that to others.

There really is no need to feel like we are lonely beings without any self-importance but it is so easy to fall into that downward spiral because words and small acts towards others make a big difference to our well-being.

So lets begin with showing love and sharing love by making way for practicing positivity in our attitude to ourselves and to others.

Reflect. Love. Heal

Brown Girl R.

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