Simple ways to start building your self esteem 5: Nurture a positive attitude and challenge your limiting beliefs.

A cycle of negative self-beliefs and outlook to life can stunt our growth and development and create barriers for healthy relationships and enjoying a fulfilling life.

It is not plausible to be positive all the time, but with practice you can choose to see the positive in even the most seemingly impossible situations rather than focusing on all the negatives.

You first need to look within and nurture a more positive attitude towards yourself.

Appreciate and celebrate your good qualities. Stop the negative monologue that puts you down, criticises you and makes you feel bad about yourself. Shut that voice down and be your own best friend.

Bullet Journal style quotes: “Nurture a positive attitude and challenge your limiting beliefs” By BGN

Encourage yourself to do better, motivate yourself to reach your goals and take time to appreciate your good qualities daily by writing them down or speaking them out loud.

Recognise that you are a good listener, thoughtful, kind, funny etc and think about the small things you may have done in the day you can appreciate about yourself. It could be helping a neighbour, smiling at a stranger, making a friend laugh or even listening to someone that was struggling.

Learn to embrace compliments graciously and accept that someone is complimenting you because they mean it. Don’t brush it off with a negative or sarcastic comment or feel the need to put yourself down to balance it out because you feel uncomfortable.

Compliments are an opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of others. It is also a great way of appreciating your good qualities. It is always easier to ignore a hundred truthful compliments and hold onto one opinion based criticism when your self esteem is not at its strongest.

Bullet Journal style quotes: “Nurture a positive attitude and challenge your limiting beliefs” By BGN

Learn to hold on to the good, if criticism is constructive take it at face value and think about the changes you need to make without internalising it negatively.

What you believe you are, how you view yourself has a great impact on the life you lead and how others see you.

If people around you are are negative influence on your self-esteem move away from them and choose your inner circle wisely.

You are where you are because of your hard work, merits and credits. If you are not where you want to be, only your determination and hard work can get you there.

Limiting self beliefs will stop you from reaching your potential and can even go as far as you resenting yourself for not being good enough, not taking chances and not progressing.

Challenge your limiting beliefs by being aware of them, recognise that it is just a belief and not a fact and then question them.

Bullet Journal style quotes: “Nurture a positive attitude and challenge your limiting beliefs” By BGN

Remember that the consequence of your limiting belief is that it could potentially change the path you take in life and your destination.

If you believe you can’t you won’t. If you tell yourself you’re not good enough you wont be and if you hold yourself back by not believing in yourself you will always live life with limits.

Change your limiting beliefs into empowering ones even if it goes against the grain of your thought process. Do it because you deserve to think better of yourself.

Empowering beliefs remind you that no matter the circumstance you are capable of succeeding.

Thinking about yourself positively stops negative limitations and empowers you to achieve your goals.

They allow you to get through rough patches because they believe in you, and remind you that you can when you sometimes question yourself.

Because you can do whatever it is you think you can’t.

Because you are strong, smart, beautiful, deserving, worthy and talented and because you will do whatever it is you put your mind to!

You are amazing, don’t forget to tell yourself you are anything less.

reflect. love. heal always


Brown Girl N

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