Simple ways to start building your self esteem 7: Step back from negative relationships and nurture positive ones

As much as we don’t want to admit it, the opinions of others and particularly those around us can make us question the way we view ourselves. Especially if your self-esteem is at a low point.

Your circle of friends should be those that understand you, uplift you and motivate you.

They should celebrate your successes with you and remind you of the amazing person you are when you are at a low point.

Choose your inner circle of friends wisely.

If they pass sarcastic comments, belittle your successes, plant seeds of doubt about the decisions you make, the clothes you wear or the beliefs you hold, take a step back.

Bullet Journal quote- To build your self-esteem, step back from negative relationships and nurture positive ones” By BGN

Do not nurture relationships that are toxic, do not bring you joy, give you anxiety or leave you feeling less than.

You can’t choose who your family members are but that doesn’t give them any right to impact your self-esteem. If you feel that they do, respectfully step back and put boundaries in place to protect yourself.

Keep those that love you unconditionally, make you happy, brighten up your day and make you laugh and smile close. Hold onto them with everything you have.

Bullet Journal quote- To build your self-esteem, do not invest in toxic relationships” By BGN

Invest in the relationships that help you discover who you are, that bring out the best in you and have your best interests at heart.

It is often the wrong people around you, the “friends” that are not really friends and the relationships you invest in that maybe you shouldn’t have that can result in having to build up your self-esteem in the first place.

You can carry the painful words of others for a lifetime and forget the thousand genuine compliments and kind words almost instantly.

Bullet Journal quote- To build your self-esteem, surround yourself with unconditional love” By BGN.

What you choose to carry is up to you.

The people you invest time and effort into and the relationships you choose to nurture will have a long-lasting effect.

Choose wisely.

Remember, you have to put yourself first and nurture your wellbeing as a priority and unapologetically.

Because you do deserve the best.

You are worthy of having amazing people around you and you are better, stronger, smarter and more beautiful than you know.

It is time to own it and live your life the way that brings you most joy.

reflect. love. heal always


Brown Girl N.

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