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5 Things to avoid on your journey to self-love – BGR

Loving yourself, embracing all your flaws, understanding self importance and putting yourself first is a journey, it is continuous and grows as you grow. Both Brown Girl N and I have embarked on this path of self love in our thirties, and are hard core advocates of spreading self-love to everyone. Sometimes I…

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5 Ways to handle rejection the MBG way – BGR

We’ve all been there, mentally preparing ourselves to gain the courage to ask, and then having to face the dreaded answer ‘no’. Sometimes it seems it is better not ask rather than face the rejection but like everything in life we have ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad and yeses…

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Soft Tongue – BGR!

As adults often we are faced with situations where disagreements may arise or a difference in opinion needs to be shared or even a confrontation needs to take place. Speaking as someone who would almost always avoid these scenarios (unless I am literally forced in a corner), as I am learning to self-love…

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