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Why we need to shut down our Inner Critic now! Nida & Roohi

Our Inner Critic can play a major part in our every day lives if we don’t address it. It will sit comfortably within us discouraging our efforts, criticising our every move and belittling us until our self esteem is at an ever low. This can have a negative impact on our goals and…

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Personal Boundaries to put in place 7 : I am not responsible for others choices. BGN.

During this time of great uncertainty and the ever changing dynamics of the way we are living, we can choose to reflect, grow and make positive changes or we can get overwhelmed which will have really a negative impact on all the parts of us we are working on. We hope you are…

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Simple ways to start building your self esteem 5: Nurture a positive attitude and challenge your limiting beliefs.

A cycle of negative self-beliefs and outlook to life can stunt our growth and development and create barriers for healthy relationships and enjoying a fulfilling life. It is not plausible to be positive all the time, but with practice you can choose to see the positive in even the most seemingly impossible situations…

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