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How to apologise if you are really bad at it! BGN

As humans we know exactly when we should apologise. We feel it, we know it but whether or not we act upon this instinct is up to us! Although in my previous blog we discussed “10 Things you should never have to apologise for” for those that over apologise, I can’t tell you…

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5 Ways to Help you Forgive Yourself the MBG way – BGR

Writing about forgiveness on my earlier post made me realise that as much as forgiving others is beneficial, forgiving ourselves is as equally as important. Forgiveness I believe is a beautiful trait, it retains a person’s purity and good nature, which is why there’s so much a person can benefit by forgiving. This…

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5 benefits of forgiving for your own peace of mind. BGR

When I was much much younger living with my parents and many younger siblings (I’m the eldest) I was known to be the grudge holder. I could never just forgive if someone said sorry and to move on past an argument was something alien to me. Looking back at myself I literally cringe,…

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Feeding the soul this Ramadan Part 1! It’s really not all about food! BGN

Ramadan is here and muslims around the world will be fasting. Fasting is prescribed for all healthy and mature Muslims in the Quran. This means they will abstain from eating or drinking anything from dawn to dusk. But fasting is so much more than this. Muslims fast as an act of worship, a…

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