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Ways to boost your self confidence 9: Focus on small changes and Exercise! BGN

There are always things in our daily routine that we know we need to change, or wish we could, that really affect our confidence. We know that making big changes requires big steps, and achieving big goals requires setting smaller ones. This is why focusing on small changes can make a big difference…

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How to keep yourself together when your world is falling apart. BGR

Many times we end up facing calamities which crush us, destroy us and have us falling apart, making us feel like we are sinking into an abyss but life does not have a pause button which allows us to pick ourselves up. Time moves on therefore we have to continue with our lives,…

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5 Ways to create healthy boundaries that work for you! BGN

Many of us start thinking about boundaries as a form of damage control after the worst has already been done. At times, when we have been hurt too much, we create unhealthy walls to protect ourselves, not realising that in the long term this will just hurt us more. Healthy boundaries are a…

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Feeding the Soul This Ramadan Part 2- BGR

As the days near towards Ramadan, my whole family gets really excited, my young girls look forward to how much they can do in the following month compared to last years Ramadan, and my husband looks forward to having suhoor (eating just before fasting begins, before dawn) and Iftari (opening the fast at…

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Feeding the soul this Ramadan Part 1! It’s really not all about food! BGN

Ramadan is here and muslims around the world will be fasting. Fasting is prescribed for all healthy and mature Muslims in the Quran. This means they will abstain from eating or drinking anything from dawn to dusk. But fasting is so much more than this. Muslims fast as an act of worship, a…

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