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Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation 7: Identify and address your triggers

Being in lockdown for over two months has resulted in a roller coaster of emotions. And many of them don’t make any sense. Sometimes we can find peace with the long day ahead of us and other times it can seem daunting. Sometimes we can delve into full on baking, reading, knitting or…

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Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation 3: The challenges of working from home.

Hope you all and your loved ones are safe and well. The days are getting longer and brighter so lets all hope for the better in the days to come. We are in to day 12638*#@8745 of the lockdown and although we are aware of the fact that the lockdown will be over…

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Dealing with Anxiety and Isolation: Lockdown isn’t forever 1. BGR

As the lockdown continues and we are trying to adjust in our own ways, dealing with many different challenges and circumstances, we would like to wish you good health and well being, and to let you know that you will get through this, you will persevere and come out better and stronger. No…

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Personal Boundaries to put in place 8: I am not responsible for others happiness. BGR

I truly hope you are all well and healthy during these trying times. While we are isolating and self distancing even when the days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter, we need to seize the opportunity while staying at home to really focus on, and work to better our well…

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Personal Boundaries to put in place 1: Know your personal wants and needs and communicate them. BGN

Personal boundaries provide a guideline with rules and limits for yourself that identify how others behaviours and actions can be categorised as safe and permissible. It allows you to identify what behaviours are acceptable and which ones are not to safeguard your physical and emotional well being. However in order to put personal…

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