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Relationship red flags to keep an eye out for 8. Their relationship with others is questionable. BGR

When starting a new relationship with someone it is very important to be able to keep the focus between the two of you. You are after all embarking on a new journey with someone. You need to be able to spend quality time together, give yourselves the opportunity to learn about each other…

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Lessons of a Heartbreak 8: This is not the end, it is just the start of something new!

We cannot place our identity with the connection of others. Yes, our background, culture, environment, family, etc is part of who we are but we are all unique to who we want to be. And we cannot expect others to complete who we are that needs to come from within. Loving others is…

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Lessons a Heartbreak can teach you 2: Acceptance is the first step to healing! BGR

It happened, your heart was broken, shattered into many pieces and recovery from it seems impossible. Words of encouragement seem to fall on deaf ears and it seems that no one, absolutely no one can possibly feel the way you do. No one can relate to what you are going through and no…

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Self Love Journey Lesson 2 “I am amazing” – BGR

For too long our flaws and what we lack have been the main focus point within and surrounding our society. An unattainable archetype ideology of what we should be has us believe that 1, we will never be good enough and 2, we should always be striving for something we can never achieve….

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