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Personal Boundaries to put in place 11: Accepting when others say “No”. BGN

It can be so easy to take a “no” personally. Particularly if your self esteem is low, or if your confidence levels need to be worked on. If you are someone that avoids the vulnerability of asking for help, receiving a “no” can really be internalised as rejection and instead of creating healthy…

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Ways to boost your self-confidence 11: Do not let the fear of rejection hold you back! BGN

It is easy to say don’t be afraid of rejection, but the reality is that rejection, if internalised can really hurt and affect your self-confidence. You can experience rejection on a professional level when you courageously present a new idea that isn’t received well or apply for a promotion that gets turned down….

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5 Ways to handle rejection the MBG way – BGR

We’ve all been there, mentally preparing ourselves to gain the courage to ask, and then having to face the dreaded answer ‘no’. Sometimes it seems it is better not ask rather than face the rejection but like everything in life we have ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad and yeses…

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