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Ways to boost your self-confidence 11: Do not let the fear of rejection hold you back! BGN

It is easy to say don’t be afraid of rejection, but the reality is that rejection, if internalised can really hurt and affect your self-confidence. You can experience rejection on a professional level when you courageously present a new idea that isn’t received well or apply for a promotion that gets turned down….

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Ways to boost your self confidence 9: Focus on small changes and Exercise! BGN

There are always things in our daily routine that we know we need to change, or wish we could, that really affect our confidence. We know that making big changes requires big steps, and achieving big goals requires setting smaller ones. This is why focusing on small changes can make a big difference…

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Ways to boost your self confidence 7: Preparation is Key!- BGN

You are more likely to have low self-confidence and listen to that niggling voice of self-doubt when you venture into something new. If you are not well prepared for that job interview, first day at work, meeting new clients, visiting someones family or even going off on an adventure to a new country…

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Ways to boost your self confidence 5 Shift to equality mentality! BGN

When you have low self-confidence you can often feel less deserving of things than those around you. You can sometimes put others achievements down to the fact that they are talented or better at something than you. Low self-confidence can make you doubt your accolades, your strengths and achievements and brush them off…

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Ways to boost your self confidence 3: Set yourself up to win- BGN

It is so easy to be dragged down by your mistakes, or see your failures manifest into something bigger than just learning experiences. We often set goals not for ourselves, but in line with expectations others place on us or what we percieve to be the ideal life. We see hashtags of “relationship…

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Ways to boost your self confidence 1. Visualise yourself as you want to be!

Some people ooze with self-confidence to the point that you can see it dripping off them and often we wish we could carry ourselves the way they do. A good way to start this series is by reading our “simple ways to build your self esteem” blogs! Nobody is gifted with self-confidence, nor…

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